Removing Toxic People From Our Lives and Stepping into Our Inherent Divinity

Removing energy vampires from our lives and owning our light — stepping into our divinity, our inherent birthright as Gods & Goddesses in the flesh.

Removing Toxic People From Our Lives and Stepping into Our Inherent Divinity

Love yourself enough to draw the line between your own positive, empathic and illumined self, and drama addicted, low-vibrational, energetic vampires. If anyone infringes upon your energy field, plays head games, or is immersed in their own self loathing, guilt, shame, dramatics, need for attention and self pity and tries to suck YOU in... Say goodbye and don't look back. Leave the situation to protect yourself and NEVER feel bad about clearing toxic energy and people out of your life.

It's one thing to try to help people and be there for someone you consider a friend — but in the end, you can never save someone from their own delusions, small-minded beliefs and low self esteem. If one wishes to suffer in their own misery, and you have tried your best to instill them with love and light, move on and leave. There is no need to justify or 'feel bad' for putting yourself first, and staying in the light. Don't let other's pull you into their darkness — all you can do is be a mirror for their own light. If they choose not to see it, then pick up your warrior spirit and move on. Do no harm — but take NO SHIT. Forgive — but never forget.

Know your worth and don't let anyone EVER make you feel less than the God or Goddess that you are. Never regret trying your best to help someone, even if you find in the end they were never really willing or grateful. You have done your part by being real, being authentic, extending your own love and light, sharing a piece of your own journey and heart, and that is never something anyone can undermine or take away from you.

Some people aren't ready to truly LOOK at themselves and do the inner work, and so, blame you for showing them a glimpse of what they have worked so hard to cover up and hide. When we are real and true to our own authentic selves, we are also real with others - honesty won't get you many friends in the end. But it will surely get you the RIGHT friends, and draw forth the REAL seekers and like-minded souls into your life. 

Heal yourself first, and then extend that healing outward into the world; if other's don't want to be helped or healed, let them stay where they are. You don't need the heaviness or weight on your shoulders of people who constantly take from you and steal your time, zap your energy and plague your soul — physically, emotionally, psychically or energetically. Actions speak louder than words — if you are only thought of by someone when they are down and out, and then thrown away when they are back on their feet — this is a toxic, unhealthy and one sided friendship or relationship that will eventually lead you to being harmed or depleted of energy on all levels.

Surround yourself with positive, unconditionally loving and caring energy — souls who truly love themselves, and are able to extend this inner abundance of love and light back out toward you — compassionate, open-hearted, open-minded, AWAKE beings. Love is all that's real, but many people aren't ready to operate from this mentality yet, and so, act from fear and self-delusion, depending on whoever they can use at any moment for their quick "love" fix.

Being accepted by external sources can become an addiction in it's own right, especially when one is unwilling or unable to accept themselves exactly as they are from within; you should never have to be the one to feed or enable their addiction to approval and loving energy when they need their "high".

ALWAYS remember that as long as you walk the path of light and love, you will never walk your path alone. Don't EVER allow another person's darkness to cast a shadow on YOUR brightness. Shine on, and let the haters hate far below as you let your unbreakable wings carry you to places brighter, lighter and higher.