The Miracle of Being

When we walk our talk of Love and Peace for the World, our auras shine our beacon of truth, and our innocence portrays this beautiful truth of our souls as we have always known that the miracle is being.

What is this Miracle of Being

The Miracle of Being was written from the ethereal language of spirit, speaking volumes of wisdom to guide our souls on our personal journey’s of enlightenment in the here and now but, our journeys do not end here. The world and its thinking has already shifted towards this massive clarity of our higher consciousness guiding our awareness in the exact timing sequence of every living soul, and it is this, that brings each and every soul together through the miracle of healing. Being a miracle of joy heals everyone (if we have not already) we have embraced to reconnect in loving our self and discovering who we truly are within our physical form.

Our human existence is an immaculate organ of living substance, a miraculous divine form of art with every part superbly designed with precision of numerous vital channels of life flowing through each and everyone of us, as our spiritual soul endows within this physical human body. Our brain conquers every creative thought positive or negative and our heart is the lucrative essence within the flow of life as our bodily organs are orchestrated in its divine rhythm. 

From these immaculate tools of  source, our song is heard and harmony reunites the human body and spiritual soul in the direct experience of love through this powerful universal divine energy life source. We are a spiritual phenomena weaving these profound vibrations where bold discoveries of ourselves begin to heal in our truest elixir, of loving our self.

If for any reason we are searching deep within is because we are now ready for the eminent changes to take place as we alleviate ourselves individually freeing our soul from the worldly crisis of aimlessly drifting in sea’s of unrest, selfishness, hostility and the ever growing discontent with life. We can and are making positive changes to live fully in our divine self. From our personal experiences we have always felt so alone, and yet we are so free, searching for the ultimate experience since the arrival of our spiritual journey to this wonderful planet earth upon becoming this fundamental human being. There is no need to search or look elsewhere for our experiences as they have been within each and everyone of us all along. We create them individually.

Throughout our journey our souls sufficed with pain and emotionally suppressed due to our own doing over our eon time, because we made the choices of lesser vibrations of ourself and through the influences of others. Now, we finally come to listen to our own instinctual hearts we are giving ourselves this profound opportunity to release the baggage and begin our healing process within. 

As we connect with what is pure essence of our soul, this movement inside our self begins our awakening journey and we are confirmed to be responsible of our creative ingenious thoughts. We learn and teach with kindness and gratitude, and our actions allows us to portray this peace deriving through love, with everything flowing in its BE-ING moment in all momentus. 

The wisdom of our spirit that we behold, can heal the world while living together as an organised humanitarian faith, because we can. There is nothing that we cannot do because we cannot escape the inescapable truth of our self.  Our purpose of being here, is to assist in acknowledging care and the process of healing others allowing them to see the beauty of life from within themselves. Emotions will always arise as this teaches us  to release everything that was weighting us down as we learn new ways of speaking, reacting, and teaching the self all over again. 

Humanity is a story of its own and how we all create our ever changing moments during the process of this life, we learn of the most valuable lessons of all,  getting to know our true self which is virtually born in everyone. We are no different to any other spiritual being whether it is human or animal, as we are self owners of our genuine characteristics providing unique originalis in every way of our physical within our spiritual form.

Our yearning wishes to re-connect to the essence of our true spirit, reaching within the heart of our soul, where our wisdom’s truth lays. Listening to our soul self, teaches us how to heal our self miraculously through acceptance of the being of self and others. This being of self begins the healing within and your personal healing begins in this moment from here on as you peruse, listen and learn through the gift in your heart, and not only will you heal yourself, you will heal the world. 

We know that;
We are our greatest foe or healer
As we are the creators to destroying or healing ourselves, because we have the power within to do so.