The Greatest Gift of All Is In The Giving To Others

The More You Give, .... The More You Are Given

The Greatest Gift of All Is In The Giving To Others

I often will throw some things together and take a walk downtown and offer them to the homeless.

I find that along with the sandwich and a drink of water, socks are the most appreciated item. There is one kind person I run into more often then the others.  She has a kind and gentle voice, and always will take the time to anyone who speaks to her first. One night we sat down on a bench, and actually had a good stretch of time to talk about her life situation. She explained that she was pretty happy with her life, and on that day, been given a brand new pair of shoes from another person that lives on the street. 

I told her that I was surprised to hear that another homeless person would give a brand new pair of shoes away. 

She smiled at me and said: "The more you give, the more you are given." She told that once on a cold winter night, she had shared her winter boots with someone who had none.  She reasons for sharing were out of kindness and care, with no expectations other than they would both make it through the night.  Now, months later she ran into that person again, who happily gave her the bright and beautiful pair of shoes.

I am so grateful to her, and I think of her story often.

The reason I gather some things up and offer them I had always thought (until that day) was just because I wanted to directly give something to my community. The lesson I learned from this Royal soul,  is that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is the gift of giving to others.


Heather Ann Jarman