Feeling proud and to Brag is not being arrogant

An incredible "Royal" feeling

Tell someone you are Proud of them

Recently I was given the opportunity to "Brag" and on one of those very rare occasions in my life I took the opportunity to Brag about how I came in the top ten out of 40,000+ entries after submitting a photo into a contest.  First of all I never imagined that I would place in the top ten so I felt rather proud of my accomplishment and remember getting the email and just how good that felt.  As a child I remember always hearing the phrase "Pride comes before a fall" and so I was always afraid of being proud in case I fell so I never used to talk much about my accomplishments.

I only ever recall two people telling me how proud they were of me until recently...The first person my Father when I was about 35 years old and working for a Fortune 500 company and exceeding the expectations of the companies goal they had set for me of a sales quota... The second person a friend who helped me push through my obstacles of chronic pain after a bad car accident and encouraging me every step of the way to push me to walk 15 kms one evening,  I shall never forget how it felt when she threw her arms around me and told me just how proud she was of me.  Then recently in a wonderful group that has changed my life I wrote a "Brag"  about the photo I entered in the contest I mentioned and I received a lot of  very nice comments but then a total stranger told me just how very proud she was of me...I was so overwhelmed because I am now 61 years old and for a stranger to tell me they were "Proud" of me you cannot even begin to imagine how overwhelmed I felt with emotions...I had a "Cry Fest" that went on and off for hours.

We go through this life and we all have something to be proud of and someone to tell us that they are proud of us even if it is a total stranger so lets not wait and "Brag" and miss out on just how good it feels to hear those words "I am so proud of you" or "You have every reason to feel proud, well done" ... when we hear someone talk about their accomplishments let's tell them just how "Proud" we are of them and let them cry a little if need be and feel on top of the world because feeling "Proud"  is just another way of being "Royal" and another way of feeling "Royal" is when you give a compliment where and when it is due.  In closing may I just share one more story with you... My Father was not an educated man, he left Eastern Europe at a very young age during the second world war and was never given the opportunity to go to school to finish an education but he was self taught... English was a second Language to him.  One day already in his late 60's he asked if I would read over a letter he had written in response to a government inquiry about his pension... I was surprised at first as I was the one who usually wrote letters on my parents behalf ... the letter was so perfect in every aspect and I told my Dad how proud I was of him... I can still see his smile ...so don't let that moment slip that you don't tell your parents at any age and your loved ones how proud you are of them 

Love and Light Everyone

Stag Rising From The Ice

Stag Rising From The Ice