My One and Only

I have shared this with others in the past but I think everyone should be privy to my talents and published, a tale with a twist.

A True Love Story.....

It was a night, like any other night, late in the evening during that peaceful time where two souls who have lived together for years share a quiet moment. After all the years of hectic days of coming home from work or having been apart for any other reason, I still loved being able to walk in the door to say “Hi honey, I’m home” and being greeted with such enthusiasm that I knew he was feeling like he thought if he didn’t see my beautiful face soon he would not be able to survive.

 And during that quiet moment, as we sat holding hands, not having to speak because we didn’t need words to communicate what we felt, secure in the knowledge that we each already knew what the other was thinking, feeling, experiencing, it hit me. How much I truly loved him and what he really meant to me. Not just that I was comfortable with him like a well worn pair of jeans that are soft from so many washings because you’ve had them so long and they “fit” you just right. It’s how he knows my every mood and I know his and no matter the mood we still try to comfort the other because we can not bear the thought that this mate in our journey might suffer or be unhappy, so connected are we that we feel each others suffering.

I look into his beautiful blue eyes and he looks back at me with the look that conveys I am the only woman in the world he has ever loved. I reach out and cup his cheeks in my hands and tell him with my eyes that he is the one I love too. I gently stroke his cheeks with my fingers, first with my hands toward his face, then with the back of my fingers. He closes his eyes because it feels good to him and he is content to let me touch him this way. I enjoy the softness of his face and am feeling such overwhelming love for him that I have to kiss his forehead. He does not protest and I think he adores my kisses. I start stroking down the sides of his neck right behind the ears and down to his collar. We are both lost in the moment and the absence of everything but pure love is evident. I continue my stroking, letting my fingertips soak in the feel of him and after all these years, I still love the way he feels. He moves his head against the movements of my hands. I think to myself how lost and incomplete I would feel without him.

 And though I am feeling such bliss from the moment, I am exhausted. The hour is late and I have to get up early in the morning. So I kiss his forehead again and say “ Come on baby, let’s go to bed”. And being the vocal Siamese that he is, he said “myeahw”. And I think “Aww, Gizzy”

EPILOGUE: He lived 17 wonderful years with me and I with him before he left this earth.  I miss him.

Gizzy, he who loved me his whole life.

Gizzy, he who loved me his whole life.