A Day in the Life, With a Point

I journal my thoughts and when I look back I can see how amazing I was, have always been. This is from last year, in June, when I didn't know anyone who really resonated with me, or a day in my life.

Purely for your amusement...

Not so much a story as perhaps a cautionary tale for today. This may or may not be of interest to you but since it is a journal of my thoughts (of sorts) that I may look back upon for my own personal growth (or lack thereof) that I choose to bless you with, I just want to clarify a few things.

Those of you who KNOW me and I am not talking in the vernacular biblical sense but in a biblically spiritual sense, know that I don't share myself personally on the internet. I don't voice my opinions on stuff that is going on in the world or jump onto bandwagons and follow the crowd. Of course this likely disappointed my parents, being different and dancing to beat of my own drum, but I came into this world as I am (I love those words I AM, even God said them) and don't regret for a minute being who or what I choose to be. At any given moment. Okay, so maybe I am always the same and don't change in large or even small ways sometimes but since I believe we are all tiny reflections of God experiencing Himself in physical form and I choose love, compassion and kindness at all times, I t doesn't mean I am not learning about myself and the world around me.

Of course, that whole "free will" thing messes people up so that we are free to make poor choices but in the end the consequences are lessons we need to learn and lessons that teach us about ourselves and the way we view the world. There is no right or wrong in a natural sense, everything just IS. It is the labels we place on things as good or bad as pulled from our views, upbringing, and belief systems, thereby not making anyone's' belief system "wrong", it is just different. There I go, digressing again.

Yes, I am happy that the Supreme Court (I'm sorry but that term makes me giggle, as if they are SUPREME beings and the rest of us aren't, how funny is that? Oh, just to me? well okay, moving along then) has finally made legal what I have always believed. About time they caught up with my belief system, which basically is the Declaration of Independence saying everyone should have the right to life, liberty, and thee the pursuit of happiness, and I fully realize everyone has different things that bring them happiness. That said, I have not "rainbow-ized" my profile picture like almost everyone in my news feed and it is not being anti social, it is being myself and not following trends. Remember I dance to beat of a different drummer and all.

The mere fact that it raises such a ruckus is insane to me, really. If it does not affect you in any way, why are you still opposing these people? There are far more of them that find love in the company of their own gender than you know and they, as a group, can bring a business to its knees for refusing to treat them like the human beings they are and can do it without the hatred you display. Seriously, you are going to stand behind your theology and call them wrong? WWJD people? The main message of the bible is to love. Period. No exceptions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (nice segue, yeah?) Chrissy knows that many people are of the belief that they are human beings on a spiritual journey while I tend to know that I am a spiritual being on a human journey and there is no time or room for judging others. Beliefs are curious things. But it ties into the laws of physics and one of them is the law of attraction. Just because you don't believe in the physical laws does not make them untrue. You may not believe in the law of gravity but it works whether you believe or not. With the law of attraction or reaping what you sow, what you put out comes back tenfold (biblical, too) and beliefs are not true because we believe in them so much as what we think of is really what we are looking for. I could say I always poop rainbows and if I am looking for rainbows that is what I will see. Doesn't make it true for anyone else unless you believe the same about me and let' be honest, that would just be weird. And creepy.

I shall apologize here if you believe I am on a Dennis Miller-esqe rant, no, I am just voicing my thoughts and debating who is closer to insane, me or "them" (them being the hate mongers and unkind people), since in my world the outcomes are positive and win-win situations. Some people I have to either avoid altogether with their negativity or agree to disagree if I am related to them, which happens. I don't love any of them less or judge them for their beliefs or behaviors, I just have to love them from afar.

I aim to be a blessing to someone, anyone, every single day and most days I feel I succeed and honestly wouldn't the world be a better place if we all subscribed to this attitude? I wake up in the morning grateful for another day above ground, though I have no fear or delusions of the physical death, but knowing that the creator of the Universe LOVES me enough to share more of the magic that is life with me. Sure some days I am in worse pain than others but every single day is another opportunity to add more kindness and compassion to the world. So even if you believe my beliefs are screwy, they work for me. I can honestly say I am happy and although I don't require anything or anyone else for my happiness, there are definitely people who bring me added joy on a daily basis. Like, for instance, I heave the best roommates in the world and would stand up for them if I caught you judging them for any reason. They bring me so much added joy and love into my home and I can't quite imagine a life without them.

So before you form a harsh or unkind opinion on anything, you have to ask yourself "Am I happy?" because if you truly are you cannot form an unkind opinion. So I may wear rose colored glasses but I AM happy and I harm no one or no thing in the process. Isn't that what people want after all — to BE happy?

And let others BE, too.

And let others BE, too.