Throw Me Those Lemons

It's all how you look at it, or how to be positive in spite of things.

Throw Me Those Lemons.

If you consider a farmer, who plants a seed in the ground and then waits for a crop to come up, then you are looking at faith in the face. Can you imagine your life depending on that seed? Can you imagine planting a seed of positivity and waiting for a positive result to come back to you?

I love the thought of planting good things into the universe, and watching them manifest. I have always been cheerful. That is who I am. I have always thought good things will happen, joy will show, love will come, success will make its way. 

I have always believed in the possibility of great dreams coming true, even in the midst of OPD: Other People's Drama. We all know those people who will throw that negative darkness in your path: Those who cannot stand the thought of any lasting happiness, for themselves or others. Things can be just fabulous, and then here they come with their doubt machine. "It won't last." "It will rain." "Do you really think that will work?"

In my world, it will last, I love when it rains, and yes! It will work! Ha! We pick ourselves up when we fall, and we run forward with enthusiasm and joie de vivre! 

That is the way of my life and I'm having it!

Throw those lemons to me; We're having lemonade!

The damn cup is half full and soon will be overflowing!

When tomorrow comes, we will meet it with a smile and joyful heart and we will overcome all obstacles. It's who we are!

It's what we do!

After all, when you've walked a path of love all your life, you've seen all sides, you've experienced the good, the bad, and the impossibly ugly and if you've come out the other side with your brain intact and your heart and soul intact, then surely you can see that it is possible to keep going. One good-foot in front of the next, and when bad things happen we take that good-foot and boot bad things out of the way, over there, into the shadows.

That Is who we are. That is looking up, in the Royal way.