Do Not React When An Outside Storm Disrupts You Within

Avoiding reacting with anger. Keeping balance within.

During my developing years, I went through a period of time where I was angry at the world.   Catastrophe struck in my life at a time in my adolescence that I was most vulnerable, and I reacted with rage.  I was angry at the world, I was mad at everything that was living and I chose to lash out and to inflict pain on anything that crossed my path.  A few years of my life were spent defeating my conscience and attacking any joy that I encountered.  I did some things that I was not really proud of.  Eventually, I was able to release this hate that I had conditioned myself to release into the Universe.  But It was not until I was able to journey alone, without attachment to the material things of life.  This is the time when I was able to retrain myself, to not react in an angry manner.

You see, for many years after I released the hate that was in my heart, I still reacted to life in an angry way.  Sometimes, I would do the cruelest things, I would say things that were just terrible.  Even though my heart had changed, my mind was still programmed to react to certain situations with rage. I reacted to everything and I reacted with harshness.

Soon, I realized something about myself.  It was on my journey of detachment, that I learned how to do nothing.  When faced with troubles and difficulties, I practiced stopping and not giving in.  I practiced not reacting to outside elements at all.  It is then that I realized how difficult it was to just “do nothing”.  No matter what I would encounter I responded by doing nothing and waiting for the reactive emotions to pass, then I would make my choices and decisions. It was then that I learned that I had made many mistakes in my past, by reacting when in an angry state.  I decided that I would no longer make my choices when under the influence of anger.

I would be lying if I said that after this turning point, I never got angry again.  It is amazing how difficult it can be, to do the easiest thing. Nothing.  Over time I have continued this exercise, the exercise of doing nothing, when internal conflict arises or when an outside source influences my emotion.  I find that I do not react as much anymore.  When I do feel the need to react I know that it is time to focus on bringing myself to a state of balance and I choose to postpone my reactions until after the internal storm has settled.

Avoiding making decisions and reacting when under the influence of anger, has changed my life. I have become very good at stopping myself and doing nothing until my judgment becomes one of reason.  I no longer have to wait very long, before the peace enters into me again and I am able to continue my walk forward with grace.