Royal Surival in a "Normal" Society

The need to survive is a human basic need. How do we survive a world with grace and ease without becoming depressed? We live among a society of self-serving people with self-serving intents.

Grace & Ease Without Anxious & Depression

Normal vs. Royal Societies: Today, a normal society includes us running from one appointment to another errand. This is usually sacrificing our own needs in an attempt to please others. We find we are too busy trying to fulfill the need for survival that we don't spend time with those we do it for.   Have you spent most of your life feeling unwanted? If you said yes, that's normal. 

From birth, were you physically or emotionally "unwanted" by parents, siblings or another family? Even those with the most loving care-givers or adopted parents feel the same neglected/rejected wound. The parent who is present yet absent and fails to meet the child's basic needs, it leaves a scar of abandonment and neglect regardless of social and financial status. 

Each unmet need develops into a belief of being unwanted and unworthy and those beliefs have negative consequences associated with that belief. Yes, that is correct, YOU are responsible for believing you are unloved, unwanted or not cared about. You are responsible for all the negative consequences associated with those beliefs; you are accountable. No, you are not responsible for ANY of the actual neglect or abuse but yes, you are responsible for what you believe about yourself because of those abusive events.

As a society, we have a broken connection with the source and therefore, we have a broken connection with self. Mental/emotional wellness can be achieved by getting our needs met through healthy connections (people, places, and things) protected by healthy boundaries; ineffective boundaries are unhealthy and increase mental and emotional illness. 

Survival is the first of the five basic needs. Survival includes the need for safety, security, confidentiality, food, shelter, sex, and mental, emotional as well as physical care and personal hygiene needs. When our need for survival is not met, typically the brain will process this as a danger to our humanity with immense and intense fear. This intense fear drives irrational and unrealistic beliefs that result in unconscious reactions (behaviors) that develop into damaging consequences. (Self-sabotage or dysfunctional connection) Basically, the need for survival is threatened and an individual usually responds in a way that actually creates the threat into their reality.

Example: Messy apartment and the landlord comes unexpectedly to fix something broken you called on it weeks ago. Fear of your eviction because of the "mess" threatens your need for survival. You may become angry over how long it took to get the repair done and how rude it is to show up unexpectedly. The consequence for the choice to act on anger results in the landlord telling you to move out. You have just created the very thing you did not want because of your unconscious behaviors associated with your unidentified fear; lack of insight and awareness.

Here is how we know it is a false belief, deception. Continuing to use the above example, the false belief would be that it is the landlords fault for coming unannounced or taking too long to address the problem. This belief is based on accurate information. However, his behaviors driven by fear manifest the outcome feared in the first place; survival needs are threatened. The false beliefs trigger the emotion of fear and that fear drives unhealthy anger behaviors. The anger behavior toward the landlord (fear based), causes the landlord to be defensive as you are now a threat to his safety. (Survival) You are both in the same you or me reactive energy.  From the landlords perspective, he didn't think the apartment was that messy.

These anger behaviors break the TRUST (core value) of our CONNECTIONS (self, people, places and things). When we step away from our values we cross boundaries and break connections. 

Being Royal is having insight and awareness into own false beliefs and demonstrate the courage and willingness to dispute those false beliefs even if forgiveness is not given to you. When intentions are focused on serving others it protects us from the consequences of our false beliefs. In an effort to bring humanistic behaviors as a social norm, "earth as it is in heaven" we need to actively work toward being physical, mentally and emotionally well and avoid participating in shaming, belittling, ghosting, rejecting or acting out in violence toward self or others.

Respect (core value) toward all Royals who may be struggling with unresolved grief (anger behaviors) and refrain from judging (temptation) any Royal on their behavior (trespass) but rather on who they are in an effort (forgiveness) to move toward Royal Behaviors and Beliefs.

Our need for survival includes safety, security, shelter, food to name a few. When these needs are threatened, the brain perceives a threat to survival; triggering the "you or me to the death" instinct until the skill is developed not to react to fear. These are behaviors that need to be forgiven in an effort to model and teach what is the *New Socially acceptable behavior. The Royal way.

Embrace your strength in knowing that as long as you don't fear your inner lion, your inner lion will always serve to protect you and not cause you harm. Trust in You.

Royal Survival

Royal Survival