Living the Dream

No matter what you wish to accomplish, you have it in you. I knew it as a child, forgot as a teen and finally remembered and here I am.

I was always destined to rise to the top.  I knew it, I forgot it, I remembered it and I'm on my way.  I wasn't sure about what "it" was the top of I was destined for exactly but I knew I had greatness in me and a way with words and with people.

Funny how you can look back over a life and see the trajectory.  In high school, though abused and floating between homes at times, I had maintained a decent attendance record at school.  I had big shoes to fill after my older brother who was a year ahead of me but I got the comment more than once "you must be Jim's sister".  Why, yes, yes I am, how did you guess?   It wasn't merely the last name but that I was so much like him in some respects (one of them being our looks, so much so , that it was assumed I flunked a year because folks insisted we were twins, we were not) and took many of the same courses

I was drawn to English, science and math classes with electives of business classes.  Given that my Jr high years had been consumed by algebra, because the math classes were boring to me, I already knew all that stuff and then on to trig,  I was allowed to take more elective courses.  Or maybe everyone was but my basics were mostly covered so I took a lot of literature and writing classes as well as the business classes.

It was in those business classes that I met the most extraordinary man, Mr. Stroh, who, being quite brilliant himself, saw it in me.  I don't know if he was privy to any personal info about my home life but he did recognize that I was a free spirit who happened to learn differently.  I truly blossomed in his classes.  The first one I recall was intro to business law.  That ended me up on the FBLA  team at the state competition.

In the beginning of my senior year I had him for another class that prepared you for the real world after high school, the name of the class I don't recall but I do remember some mornings (which I have never been all that good at) I would say "Mr. Stroh, I think class should be held at Dunkin Donuts this morning" and he would ask the class and off we would go.  He nurtured my spirit instead of trying to make me conform.  Other days, in afternoon classes I would suggest we hold class outdoors because it was far too beautiful to be indoors.  Class poll, out we'd go.

In that class we learned about building resumes and how to do interviews, business  know how. It was closer to the end of the senior year.  He even set up an interview for me at a company that made wood products, plaques of different sizes, decoupage was all the rage in the 70's.  And I was thrilled to tell him I got he job because of everything he taught me.  He genuinely seemed thrilled for me, too. My success was his success.

Ten years after graduation, when I returned for our high school reunion, I went and looked him up.  He was then the principal at an alternative high school and he remembered me fondly. He told me that when he sent me for that interview, there was no job but the owner had agreed to do the interview and report back to him how I did, some arrangement he had with businesses to give his students the opportunity to practice our skills.  But the owner was so impressed with me he created a position so he could hire me because, as he told Mr. Stroh, he didn't want to let me get away. And that the alternative school was modeled to better facilitate teaching to kids like me.  It hadn't even  existed when I was in high school.

The point of my story being that even during that tumultuous teen period when I had forgotten my greatness, it was seen in me and cultivated. My love and passion has always been writing, though I have held many types of jobs over the years and that, too has been encouraged and cultivated by many who have read things I have written over the years. So when you look at my public page and see WRITER, it is because that is a big part of my destiny, my passion, to write.

So yes, I am living the dream.  And so can you.  What is your dream, your passion?  You will know it, remember it, when you are happy doing it whether you get paid to do it or not, because it longs to get out of you to express itself.  The up side is everyone else will see it in you, too, because they will say "man, you're good at that!".

Live the dream.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream