The Open Sourcing of Thought Leadership and Community Learning

I believe there is an opportunity to create a new paradigm in the personal development industry. The democratization of self-help is the future wave of the human potential movement.

Realizing that I am about 10 years behind on my life goals, and accepting that I will not likely be able to accomplish my vision, I have decided to open source thought leadership to the best of my limited abilities. I believe there is an opportunity to create a new paradigm in the personal development industry. The democratization of self-help is the future wave of the human potential movement, much in the same way that decentralization is apparent in industries ranging from telecommunications, music, and publishing. It is also apparent that previous thought leadership models have not been successful at their goals, since much of the world is paralyzed in strife and hardship.

The world does not need a relatively few thought leaders handing down information to the masses; it hasn't worked! People need leaders to be relatable and experienced at their level of challenge and culture. I believe that everyone is a thought leader to someone, because everyone at every level, has legitimate life experiences that can be healing and educational to others. A developmentally challenged teenager can be a thought leader to another developmentally challenged person, who is not as able and high functioning. I believe community is the answer to nearly every problem we have in the world, and that cliches like 'every person matters,' and 'every voice should be heard' needs to become a reality. When we come together and share our stories we necessarily and absolutely help people. Our caring and stories have the power to heal the world, but not without organization and a proper forum. Sharing, mentoring, and friendship are powerful ways to deliver wisdom and compassionate nurturing. Every person, without qualification, has valid and useful experiences that cannot be invalidated, because the human experience itself cannot be invalidated.

It is my belief that what the world needs millions of effective and empowered mentors, healers, coaches, writers, and people of service, to heal the fatal social and psychological fractures that threaten our very existence. To create these thought leaders, we must remove the barriers to entry, without qualification, to the station of thought leadership, and establish a community learning model, where we all take one-another by the hand, and teach each other where we are at in life. This model must accept that everyone has something valuable to offer and say in the great conversation of life — from advanced degreed educators, to a so-called illiterate grandmother's hug. I believe thought and heart leadership can present in many ways.

The goals of the Thought Leadership School, The Royal Society, SRN, Simple Reminders, and the Peace Prize are all aligned to create the infrastructure and support to give birth to a new paradigm for the human potential movement and the self-help / personal development industry. The end result in 10 to 30 years will optimistically be the creation of many, many thousands of skilled, funded, empowered, visible, articulate, able, and caring socially elevated thought leaders. The shift in perspective of what a thought leader is will pave the way for this vision to become a reality. As I have written previously, "the task of leadership is to create more leaders," and, "the distinguishing characteristic of a true leader is pure elation in seeing others prosper."

Jenni and I both hope to elate in the prosperity of your future thought leadership. And so, our lives, ministry, work, and passion are all here for you, in the service of your highest calling and aspirations for your vision and dreams.

Our only hope is in working together...