True Happiness

Happiness is indeed an inside job, so to speak, but how often do you feel it and why? For me, it is mostly constant.

It is so difficult to describe true happiness with mere words. If you think back over a lifetime, you can remember your happiest times, sure, but what were those times tied to? I mean what experiences caused those moments of utter joy? Now try to imagine that joyful feeling happening all the time, with no exciting experiences to cause it, just for no reason other than you are alive here and now. Can you?

Even when my outer experience or circumstances look dismal, I feel that way. I know full well, completely trusting that this too shall pass and that the universe loves me and is working in my favor to lead me to what I am destined to be and do. Pure faith, the substance of things hoped for, but not just having pure faith but also BELIEVING it. And in that there is peace and joy and sheer delight!

I even see amazing beauty in my dreams. Such beauty that I am sobbing in my dreams because I am so loved that my creator shows me new, wondrous beauty that I have never seen before. That touches me deep inside to my very core. And in the midst of a waking life that would appear rather mundane to some, my angels and guides show me in my sleep how much more beauty I am yet to see, to keep trusting, keep believing, keep going forward towards my dreams and desires, that I am on my path and all is well. And so I experience joy in all things at all times and am so very grateful for all of it.  Not that my little ego voice doesn't surface and spout off on occasion, it does, I'm human, but those instances are short and very far apart.

And over time, I began seeing it in my waking hours as well.  Being lead to the right people, places and things that I needed to get me closer to my dreams. With practice and focused thought and energy, I could even manifest instantly, too.  Everyday life sometimes gets in the way of it but even having a few moments a day to focus and talk to the Universe and put those desires out there, they do float on in.  It is rather a joyful thing to practice. 

I stay in my joy always, that comes from within, as do desires,  but desires are something to attain or aspire to reaching and I know I can, because I have..