Confidence Builders

Do you want to radiate moon glow with your inner confidence? Hold that space when you walk in?

Building up confidence:

1. Buildup Inner confidence that can let you radiate your exuberance.
Sometimes you just need to protect your inner confidence within your electric chapel. Protect your inner king and queen's creative vision that you need to honor it (gaga). Pull that inner king and queen outside of you~!

2. Sacred Bathroom. Singing in the shower. Shower Thoguhts.
You are being safe within your bath time. extend that. make that portable. You can bring your creativity with  you and record your ideas to your phone which is very efficient. TS record her song fragment, creative output within her phone.

3. The Limitlessness in Lucy Movie. Human race goes from Stone Age to Post-PC Era.
You are a part of this human race. You should not waste your talent. (bible) and "天生我材必有用" When the universe gives me birthright, I am a useful talented being. stuff like that....

4. Super Power
Swipe Swipe in Lucy Movie represent non-reactivity and how powerful words and thoughts are. When Lucy has a thought about bad guys going away. she really comported herself and have grace and ease. One Swipe can swipe away the bad guys alongside with her powerful thoughts. God's first creation is word. Words are powerful. They created ideas and thoughts and can definitely change the world. (bryant)

5. Techniques to Reduce Worrying.
A: Non polarization approach to solutions. Not polarizing people in solutions.
B: Embrace Common Goodness in humanity that makes me confident when I talk about stuff. No need to be Proselytising, or Debating, or Arguing. There's no friction for me to talk about my ideas of the greatness of love on earth. <3 

Building Confidence is useful for embracing your creative vision.

Building Confidence is useful for embracing your creative vision.