Returning the favor: Life's gifts and purpose

Why do we deny ourselves and the rest of life the benefit of our Divine purpose?

As human beings we are one of very few creatures who destroy our own environment rejecting our own environment and the habitat of nearly every living species. How can we be the most intelligent creature on the planet and also the most destructive?  Being at the top of the food chain should not mean that we disregard all of life. It is our selfishness which causes us to become so wrapped up in our own pursuits that we collectively disregard other creatures and even each other in epidemic proportions.  It is only by living in harmony with all that is life that we will extinguish the destruction which continues to cycle through the history of mankind.  If we cannot live together and appreciate the rest of the living, then how can we appreciate each other?

I challenge you to sit back and take a look at the rest of the living things on the planet.  While not all of creation gets along, each and every living thing has a duty and a purpose in which they provide something beneficial to Life.  Living creatures provide the clothes that we wear, and the food that we eat, they are our companions, even man’s best friend. So what are we giving back to Life as human beings?  What are we giving to the earth and to human race?  From what I can see, many of us are not giving much.  We maintain our lives and our routines and we go to work, a lot of our focus is solely on our own self-preservation and growth.  What about the other living things which surround us and are giving of themselves for us?  If we are the most intelligent creature on the planet wouldn’t it stand to reason that we would be the most efficient and powerful caretakers of the living?

I believe that every creature has a divine purpose, something which they are a master of, a gift that we are given at birth in which we are perfectly designed to be an asset to the Life in which we have been placed into.  As the most intelligent creature on earth, why are we not following the lead of the rest of the living and sharing our gift with the rest of life?

Why don’t we bother to use our perfect gifts and do our fair share?