It's Time to Slow Down

Six simple steps to reconnect and recharge from your fast-paced life.

We are living in a fast-paced world filled with easier ways to stay connected.  But, feeling disconnected from the people close to us is becoming more common.  We have seen those funny cartoon ads with families sitting in a room staring at their mobile devices. No so funny when you think about losing special moments together. The convenience of downloading the bigger, faster and less glitchy app are taking away from our real connection in life.  Let's start to focus on what matters most. 

Here are six simple tips to help you to slow down and reconnect     

1.      Take the time to list the most important task for the day.  It helps keep you focus instead of doing allat once.

2.      Make time for yourself.  Take a 10-minute walk, find a new book to read or even cook a new recipe. 

3.      Reduce internet use by half to do an activity like exercise or try a new hobby.

4.      Connect with family and friends.  Put away the cellphones and start listening. 

5.      Eat slower.  We tend to race through a meal and not appreciating it completely. Next time, chew slowly and recognize the different textures and flavors you been missing.

6.      Take a moment to remember your goals and dreams.  Bring to mind those milestones you have reached and your drive to achieve them.