This Non-Profit Throws Birthday Parties for Homeless Children

This awesome non-profit throws birthday parties for homeless children.

Kids around the world love celebrating their birthday an eating birthday cake, but many of us fail to realize that a significant number of children in less fortunate families are oftentimes unable to celebrate their own special day.

That's what motivated Paige Chenault to create an awesome organization known as 'The Birthday Party Project' -- a non profit that helps homeless and less fortunate children have the birthday party they've always wanted.

With an inspirational premise to “celebrate the birthday of every homeless child in Texas,” the initial concept of The Birthday Party Project soon grew and expanded into a full blown operation. The non-profit was formed in 2012, and is now approaching a successful 4 years in operation.

What's more, the non-profit now spans beyond Texas and has started helping children in other states across the country.

Thousands of Kids Being Celebrated

And it all started due to an experience that Chenault had while pregnant and daydreaming about her future child's birthday parties. Amid the joy of planning the fantasy birthday party activities, Chenault says she came across a photo of a Haitian boy that was 'visibly malnourished'.

It was then that she decided that she wanted to help children celebrate their lives with a whole host of birthday treats -- even if they couldn't afford to do so.

"It just sort of hit me. This kid will never feel celebrated like I could celebrate my daughter," she told Today. "I could do a lot of things for my kid, but I want to do it in a greater way with a bigger purpose."

Powerfully said, and right on target. And just like the anonymous couple that slipped a $500,000 check into a Salvation Army kettle said a few days ago in their written statement, one of the most profound things we can do in this life is to help lift others up when we have the resources to do so.

Since January 2012, The Birthday Party Project has hosted over 1,100 birthdays, offered over 10,000 cupcakes, given out 10,000 party hats, and has helped more than 10,000 children have a blast.

I love organizations like The Birthday Party Project that all start from one person's passionate idea to do something different. I'm a fan!