A Letter To My Friend Dan

Dan decided to follow his calling to Alaska. As a friend I needed to allow him his journey free from my opinion, thoughts and emotions. Knowing we each have our own journey in life, I let him go.

A Letter To My Friend Dan

My Friend Dan,

As I sit in my not so pretty pink recliner that Is Strategically placed in front of the computer just for this occasion. I think about my friend. The friend that lent his pinky in a promise, which I will never forget. The friend I will remember every time, I smell the awful aroma of a woodstove gone badly, or when I fill my cool rubber boots with icey river water. Every scrap of metal or leaf blower will bring his memory flowing back.

This friend has decided that Alaska was calling him. In the strange way that states call People. He believes that this trip to Alaska will have healing properties. It will mend his broken heart, heal his damaged soul, and fill his empty bank account. Hmmmm why Alaska? Well, don’t tell him but, I once heard a rumor that they put a magical potion in the soup! And from all of our conversations before his departure, he expects to eat a  lot of it!!!!

He has no friends in Alaska or any kind of plan when he gets there. Just follow his calling, to show up and take it as it comes. I do admire him for that, since I myself have made a few of those trips, but it seems warmer states call me. Anyway, I cannot help but think of him huddled in a Man Camp, Shelter or just rolled in his below zero sleeping bad some place trying to keep warm and missing all the comforts of home.

Things like sharing a plate with Rooster, eating soggy Cheetos, sleeping on my living room floor, fetching red bulls, trolling a speed boat,painting the walls with grape juice and....well he knows... I can't help remembering the last thing he said to me before he left and that was"thanks for everything". I thought for a second and to MY SELF I said (“you are going to flipping Alaska! In the dead of winter! without a plan! scared to death of the plane ride! and all I did was give you a goose feather and a bag of rocks!") I may have mumbled something about Energy and the flow of things and then I sent him on his way.

I do know that I have faith in him and no matter what he will be o. K. I know that he is my friend because as the rest of you read this and wonder what the heck. He knows what is written between the lines. 

The last and final note is my friend Dan went to Alaska to realize that nothing about him was broken in the first place. I hope you are having the time of your life Dan, and if you are not then find a way.

Your friend,


It’s not always easy to, give space to other people’s dreams, and callings. With good intentions we try and persuade and hold on to them. I remember how he was dealing with these types of people at the time and the emotional hurt and guilt it caused him. When he told me “thanks for everything” it had nothing to do with any goose feather or bag of rocks, but rather the space I allowed for him to stand strong in knowing his own inner calling.

Dan went to Alaska, he followed his dream. He found out he wasn’t broken after all, and worked on fishing boats several seasons after that.

A Simple Reminder, to allow the people in your life to live the life they choose. The life that their intuition calls them to. You may not be comfortable, you may fear for them, but at the end of the day, it is their life, their path, and their calling, you would be holding them back from.