Time of birth and life patterns

I am curious if there is a link between the time of day one is born and the time of day one finds they are most productive, creative and alive.

I was born at night and coincidentally I feel I do my best work at night.  I feel more inspired at night and as far back as I can remember, I have been a "night owl". Is it merely coincidence or is there a correlation between time of birth and when one, throughout their life, finds that they feel they do their best work, are more insightful and productive during that period of their days? I do not know.  I should probably do a poll or at the very least some research into it, however, since I love to ponder things and study behavior patterns, in this moment, as I write, it intrigues me.

But night time to me does not mean darkness, even the stars shine bright to reflect their light. And somehow, I feel my own light brightest at night as well.  Perhaps it's the stillness and peace but I find my intuition and my inspiration heightened during these hours.  Sure, the question has been on the backburner in my brain over the years and I have enjoyed just letting it simmer there, to be gotten back to like an old friend, to ponder it a little bit more. 

With infinite possibilities of infinite things, my soul just loves to flit around like a butterfly and pause, ever so briefly, on different topics of interest, without the need to answer every question immediately, to leave space to ponder whatever it will from moment to moment. and that sense of having a thought to distract me when that need arises, to be distracted.  Such as when I get hung up on a million things going on in my brain and I want it to be quiet, a point of focus, if you will.

While I understand the whole circadian rhythm, an internal clock, may play a part in it and some say genetics, I don't buy that, since it would stand to reason that if my family tree is filled with early risers and I am only one of a few that are night owls , it just doesn't wash with me that genetics play any part in it whatsoever.  I'm not an expert, but I am observant, if nothing else, to my own pattern.

Perhaps I need to do need to do a poll here on SRN, just to satisfy my own curiosity.

Keep an eye out for it, seriously.  Just as soon as I figure out how to get it to accept a preview picture without an URL.