Drops on a leaf

We are made by the same

I remember many years ago when I wanted  understand  how the Universe system works, and this was happening specially after my first divorce. I got married with a man younger than me, just a couple years younger than me, but couple years sometimes makes a big difference, so I don't want to be stuck in the drama of it, I learned that I had to wish to everyone the best for them with all my heart for the healing of own my feelings, and I was using a program in my mind every day, while I was crying for that situation and also I was working on repeating that program constantly in my mind. I understood that when we love someone is because we just see the good things in that person, we let them convince us with their words and sometimes we create a false image of them in the base of our own necessities. So this is the little program I mentioned before :

"Today I love you less and today the pain is less" so this helped me a lot. One day I woke up and my feelings were healed about this situation in life, another thing that I did was to forgive him, blessing him, and wishing happiness to him, because I knew that whatever I wished for him it'd be also for myself, I didn't want to hate him because I knew this kind of feeling could make me a very sour woman and I didn't want that for myself and for my beloved ones neither,  so In my way looking for my answers  I wrote this: 

Drops on a leaf 

There were drops on a leaf traveling on a river, that river is in the Ocean's direction, in their road they find each other, falling in love with each other? Maybe they probably just thought they were, one day one started looking for the other, they saw their own reflection on each other, sometimes they could see the clearness throw each other, and when the sun reflect on them they could  see a beautiful rainbow, one of the drops jump to the others leaf and they had the most beautiful experience of love, but one day one of them saw other drops and wanted be with others and also with the first drop too but  this drop loves itself too much and decided let it go and continue its own trip on its own leaf, crying many times this drop learned to continue it's journey by understanding that the other drop didn't  in in purpose, it's just the way it learned, understanding, no justifying, forgiving, letting go and growing trough the lesson...

We are like drops on a leaf going in the same direction to the ocean, because all of us are part of the same Ocean.

This made me understand why I cannot hate  because we are part of the same Ocean, we are little drops on a leaf we are not different from each other. I cannot hate, even to the haters because we are the same,  we have the same divine, hating someone is hating myself, I have to do this simple remainder to myself and everyone, when my feelings are trying to feel different just because of someone's behavior, I don't want to hate them because I don't deserve that for myself, I forgive them because I deserve be free, not a slave of a very low energy. I don't justify others  actions, just understand, forgive, I let it go and at the same time growing through the lesson so they and I can continue our way as drops on a leaf trying to fall and fusion into the same water,  because sometimes we travel in the same leave  but other ones do it on different ones but in the same direction. Because we are just drops on a leaf.