Tap into your creative side

Help yourself out of depression with art

The pit of depression in my eyes

The pit of depression in my eyes by Maria Koszler

Drawing my way out of depression

The creative one within you

Several times in my life I found a new creative side to myself and each time at the darkest times in my life. The first time I was battling depression and hospitalized. One day a doctor I had developed a trust with came into my room with a canvas, paints, brushes and he sat down with me and asked me when had I last painted a picture..I sat for a while and told him perhaps when I was eleven in an art class...I was 38 at this point in life...he asked me to paint something for him and he left the room...so I started to paint and ended up painting three paintings for him. When he next came to visit me he asked if I had followed through with his request and I showed him what I had done... a smile came to his face as I had painted polar bears and he said they were his favorite animal...I asked him why he asked me to paint and he told me that many of the greatest artists of our time suffered with various mental states and depression, that poets, writers and creative people sometimes tap into their creative sides when depressed. I continued to get better and also did paint for a while but then stopped but over the years had tapped into other creative ways of dealing with my depression.

A couple of years ago I had to place my Mother into a seniors home. On Saturday mornings they had an art Class run by a beautiful self taught very talented woman whose name is Sandy.  Sandy volunteered here Saturday mornings helping the residents to create beautiful paintings. So I would take my Mum and help keep her focused as her dementia got worse on painting for a couole of hours and then found myself wanting to paint again....from taking my mum and starting to help out in this class I also was learning different techniques.  I began to volunteer more of my time also.

Since then Sandy and I have become very good friends, she is a very talented knowledgeable woman of substance who is very Royal as she shares her talents. She has taken the time to share with me her knowledge of various mediums and I have now found a way to distract my depressive thoughts by turning to art once again not only painting.

If you have a parent who you see down or depressed and no interests I encourage you talk to them ask them what their passions were when they were younger...help them find those passions again or go buy them some paper, paints and brushes, a coloring book or write with them buy them . Journal.....help them to distract those depressing thoughts.

I also took up photography and I never leave my home without my phone or a camera where ever I go as beauty is all around us. 

In the late evenings before I go to bed I pick up a journal I have and write the things I am grateful for and also a short poem or story that I add a few lines here and there or just my thoughts......

Now I encourage everyone I meet who I see is down in life or depressed to pick up a pencil and paper and draw, pick up a paint brush and paint tap into their creative side....write a poem, write a short story. I also encourage little children to paint and draw as there drawings can tell you many things if you take the time to look through their eyes and ask them what is bheind their masterpiece....their world is not always a happy place so grand parents and parents draw and paint with your little people.....

Love and light everyone