Radically Change Your Life For The Better With These Three Steps

Three things that you can do today to start living a more fulfilling, peaceful and loving life.

Don’t let the three things fool you, almost paradoxically, they are as simplistic as they are genius. These things will take time, effort and fortitude for you to master. However, extend yourself grace, stick to the plan and watch your life unfold, change and blossom for the better. And though they are about “ridding”your life of 3 things, the “ridding” leaves way for replacement; the replacement of something bigger; something better; something positive. 

Rid then Replace; that’s the process! 

Now let’s do this:


How you do this one may not be super easy. Easy isn’t always the right path, it’s often the opposite. It may be downright uncomfortable but your cooperation and understanding in this is necessary. Rid yourself of drama, gossip, naysayers, “negative-Nancys”and slanderers. If you have these people in your life, the will only drain you of your mental and physical energy. After being around them, you may feel exhausted and understandably so. If there is a toxic person in your life, distancing yourself is crucial. Self-preservation is the priority! No need to be rude, strive for honest; gently, easily, lovingly, unapologetically honest. The conversation may go like this: “I really can’t do this right now. I am currently focusing on my healing, my life, my peace of mind, so I’ve gotta step away from all the chatter. I hope you’ll understand, right now, as what I need is rest and peace. Thank you so much for understanding my focus must be me right now.”And if they want to argue, step away. It’s ok, really!

     Then surround yourself with those who uplift you, encourage you, make you better; those who truly appreciate you and want the very best for you. If perhaps you don’t have any positive people in your realm yet, join a book club, social group or a hobby group where there are like-minded individuals who will give you that positive  re-enforcement that you need. You need a support system however you may just need to be solo and be “you” for a while. Enjoy this time of self-exploration, decompression and detoxing from the chaos that has enveloped you for so long.

Enjoy, breathe, unwind and NO guilt.


This one took me the longest honestly. I hated vegetables. Hated water. Ate only Fat-free and “diet” food but ironically never lost any weight. I felt miserable, cloudy, lethargic. It was not until my eldest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic illness, did I understand this truth or how imperative nutrition and whole foods was to healing and clarity. It was crucial to her healing so I joined in for moral support. I started out with a fast. Water and broth for 3 days. Let me tell you, nothing makes you crave and desire vegetables greater than after a fast. After that, I had completely ditched soda and embraced whole foods and began losing weight but that wasn’t the fact that was most surprising to me. I found myself smiling. Incessantly smiling. I also had clarity beyond belief. Now I will tell you I felt horrible for the first 5 days, because I was detoxing the toxins. Horrible headache. Moody. Cravings galore. Horrible, yet I was committed to the process. Now I am a clean eater, limiting my meat intake and no longer have cravings! Toxins,heavy metals, chemicals, hormones, additives and preservatives have overloaded our foods thus overloading, suppressing and polluting our bodies. All the systems in our bodies are affected by toxins: our liver, our adrenals and lymphatic systems,our heart, our brain as well as the largest organ of our body; our skin. Many things we ingest our bodies do not recognize as food, because honestly they're not.  Clean eating has changed my life! Mental clarity and mental mood will improve greater than ever before as well as you will feel healthier, lighter, and leaner.  I have more energy, and feel I am in the best health I have been in a very long time; possibly ever.

Going clean and organic will honestly change your life.


We tend to minimize the effects of noise, violence, video games, as well as other dark influences, such as horror movies and the power they have in our lives and in our minds. These three things can permeate our minds with detrimental effects. For example, it has been more than 35 years since Janet Leigh saw herself on the screen in Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film "Psycho." After viewing the famous shower scene, in which she was repeatedly stabbed, Ms. Leigh was seized with an overwhelming and lasting terror. She states, "I stopped taking showers and I take baths, only baths." In fact, when the former movie star stays overnight in a hotel or at a friend's home where only a shower is available,she panics. "I make sure the doors and windows of the house are locked," she said, "and I leave the bathroom door open and shower curtain open. I'm always facing the door, watching, no matter where the showerhead is." (NYTimes) 

    And though we aren’t actors performing in horror movies, they do and can impact us in a dark way, changing our psyche and behavior. Chances are you can recant a movie you watched in the past, that induced or still provokes great fear or unhealthy thoughts. Darkness disrupts peace. Violence as well as drama, noise, and fighting, all create an internal intensity and impact on the body and brain. These factors can alter the brain, cause emotion disruptions and also cause desensitization, just to name a few. Psychologists explain that our brains are unable to tell reality from fiction. “It is very difficult to tell the primitive brain to ignore the apparent reality of what it is seeing,and if the images appear to be real and terrifying, the brain tells the body to react accordingly.” It can effect heart rate, blood pressure, hormone levels and can in some cases actually cause PTSD. This is not limited to movies but novels, violent people as well as the evening 6 o’clock news. Statistics show an average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV by age 18. 

Now that’s an alarming statistic, so turn off that TV!

Ridding your life of violence, horror, drama and discourse is detrimental to restoring your  well-being and peace of mind, for you and your family. Clear your mind and replace with calm, non-violent, peaceful influences. Choose to have meaningful connections and thought-provoking, beautiful conversations. Think good thoughts; those that are pure, honorable, right, and true. Radiate positivity, peace and love. Choose to make up your mind to clear your mind, and choose the path of peace in all 3 areas of your life. Choose better people, better food, better influences which will all lead to a happier more peaceful, centered, fulfilled YOU!