We Were All Born With the Ability To Create

Creativity is your natural disposition, your divine birthright.

We were all born with the ability to create !!!!  Every Single one of us! 

We have been taught through life that this is a talent only given to a few, the outsiders, the bohemian types, the rebels, and any other stereotypical adjective you can add. 

We have allowed schooling, media, and family to stripp us of our devine given birthright, our natural disposition. We have become machines all thinking within the same parameters so we can be better employees, better at doing the work that makes others money.

Stop for a minute....


I challenge you to just create something, not for others to look at, not for review and preview of others opinion of it, but for the simple joy of allowing your mind to think outside of the parameters you have been stuffed into for too long. Remember how it feels to play like you did before your conditioning, make mud pies, sculpt with your mashed potatoes whatever when ever give yourself that space to see what authentically just comes out of this dusty part of your mind. Rejuvenate your innate joy of creating what your dreaming.

We hear much talk these days of how we create our reality through our mind and emotions. Well how well do you think you will have the ability to create something as big as the life of your dreams if you are afraid to doodle without self critique.

Let go of critiquing your creative talents, because they are only yours. No One else can make your Art, hell I challenge you to duplicate your art. This is yours alone. Do Not compare your art with someone else's because you can not make their art. That is theirs only. Art is as individual as a fingerprint make yours with pride, knowing you are the only one that could have ever created that piece ever, it's one of a kind, just like you.