What Does It "Really" Mean When Someone Ghosts You

When someone treats people with respect, it has a far-reaching impact on friendships and relationships because these days people who ghost literally drop out of your life.

Why DO People Ghost? Is It Your Fault?

Imagine yourself as the "ghostee" (the one being ghosted on), and oddly enough, know what the "ghoster" is thinking. It isn't the first time. Lately it seems it's becoming more popular. The question is, Why?

When, not if, someone ghosts you, does that person feel anything? Do they have any accountability? Point is, they aren't wanting to get close. It represents their inner conflicts and the inability to solve them.

If you are the Ghoster, it shows you don't want to deal with the discomfort or pain of your emotions plus the impact on your vitality as a human being.

Speak to your own heart.  Strive to find what you never thought you would reach, and make a decision to attain it.

As you move forward, those left will eventually fall behind and your path will be more clear. Keep the shut off button nearby in case.  Aspire to be a happy, content soul with a clear conscience, and no qualms. 

Know that if you, the ghostee, or him/her, the ghoster,  wasn’t on the same wavelength, then something much better will become available to you at the appropriate time. Until then, open the floodgates for your heart to be lifted with joy and you're to be forever grateful.