Roses of Love

Where is the love coming from ?

There were 4 kids Michelle, Christian, Rene and Charlie. I want to make emphasis that I am using unisex names, because I don't want to put female or male to the kids in this story for the reasons that I am sure you are going to understand. 

Michelle received roses seeds from mom. Michelle's mom gave instructions how to put them in the soil, how often water them and how to take care very well of them, Michelle followed all the instructions very carefully and also got mom's supervision, with the time the roses in Michelle's garden grew and they  became beautiful, so Michelle was very happy and shared roses with every one. 

Christian received rose seeds from mom. Christian's mom gave the instructions, but Christian didn't fallow all the instructions in a complete way and also Christian's mom sometimes supervised Christian's garden but not always, so Christian sometimes had roses and sometimes shared them with some people.

Rene received some rose seeds from mom but Rene's mom didn't give any instructions and didn't supervise neither, so Rene never grows any roses and never had nothing to share with others.

Charlie never received anything.

The rose seeds represent the love we receive specially from our mother, people give the love they learn from their mom. Mother represent the most important love figure in our lives and she start feeding since we start growing inside her. So how do we can give or ask for something we didn't receive? So the next time when we demand love we should check first ourselves, how much do we have received and how much we have ready  to give? And also understand why people love in the way they do or why they don't. The good news are that if we didn't receive any or a wrong way of love, we can always  learn how to love in  by loving ourselves or changing the way we learned, but we cannot ask for the same or more to others. There are many technics to learn to love ourselves or improve the way we love ourselves, first and the most important is acceptance, valuing ourselves with the good things in our personality and physical appearance, there are always beautiful  things in each of us, recognizing the good things that we have in our personality, our talents and gifts, If we love ourselves we can love others.  But the most important thing is that if we do the same than Michelle's mom did with our kids we are going to have generous kids giving love to everyone. So this is a simple reminder about love ourselves, and specially our kids so all of us have a better world full of royal love.