Mental Fatigue and Your Brain

Understanding Neuro Fatigue and What It Means For Your Brain.

Managing Mental Fatigue

As a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor since 2009 living with a Cavernoma, I've truly come to understand what it means to be mentally exhausted.  What I would like to do is provide the definition of Neuro Fatigue and how to focus on Fatigue Management.  Also, I would like to explain what I've done to manage my Mental Fatigue.

Neuro Fatigue or Mental Fatigue is one of the most debilitating  consequences of a brain injury. It fluences everything the injured or tired person does, both physically and mentally. A person emotions can also become on edge when they are tired. It can cause a person to feel extremely exhauted.

Fatigue Managment is a one step at a time process.  In order to manage fatigue,  the person who is healing from the injury will need to accept that they will not have the same physical and mental stamina they had prior to the brain trauma.  This could also apply to someone without any brain trauma.  Anyone, can experience mental fatigue due to working on a computer all day, running errands, taking care of daily ativities and everyday life. 

All of the above is very true.  Brain trauma is day by day healing process that could be lifelong. Mental fatigue is so much more exhausting than physical exhaustion. And emotions do become on edge. It is frustrating, because I want to do more; but I am not able as much before. What I have learned to do, is to take each day one moment at a time. It is a one step and one day at a time healing process. 

I have learned to take a step back. To be more understanding and kinder of myself.  I will get things done, just not as fast.  I have come to understand that it is okay. I was taught to have patience with myself. To be kind and gentle to my brain, which means to keep from pushing myself beyond my daily limits.  Please understand it is your brain and not anyone else's! Take a break, learn to take a nap or pause in certain moments of your day.  It is well deserved and it will help to manage Mental Fatigue.