Infinity Love

This is a theory as to why you will never lose your loved ones. Even after death.

I would like to share with you great people a theory that came to mind one day while working. If any of you have gone through troubling hard times due to a loss of a loved one, I think that this may at least catch your interest for even a brief moment. It is a theory of infinitely being with that loved one and them still being with you. You see in a strong, postive memory of a moment that you spent with that loved one, there were very strong energetic sources that were sparked and created within the both of you. 

These energetic sparks likely were based off of love, joy, happiness, and even purity in it's perfection. Then these powerful bright epicenters projected out, sending it's energetic lines, swirls and or waves into the world but connected and shared between the two of you. In a 2D perspective that could easily be a third point of powerful energies merging, yet ever flowing and ever sharing. In a 3D perspective the points of contact could also be two. If you visulaize them through either perspective, then these energies could very potentially be forming the shape of Infinity.      

There is no concept of time and created by the most powerful energy. This is why in every positive memory it feels as if you are there again with that person, though you may believe that it is only in the past. But there is no past, present or future for Infinity. It is eternal and forever. With that said. You have never truly lost them. You two are eternally bonded with no time as a barrier for it is not relevant. You are always together especialy in those moments that you created... Infinity.

"Every moment of loved shared and connected, becomes an everlasting moment." — Hector Flores