Do You Remember Your Purpose?

Letting go of the minor distractions of the world and focusing on our higher purpose.

Do You Remember Your Purpose?

Do you have a tendency to get hung up on the small aggravating details of life, such as running late for a meeting or appointment because of traffic? Is the person in line at the supermarket counting pennies to pay for $10 worth of groceries trying your patience?  It's very easy to get so overwhelmed by the small things in life that we develop negative thought patterns, which can block us from receiving the big things that the universe has in store for us. 

It can be a struggle to keep our minds focused on the bigger picture in life. Therefore, it is necessary to remember our higher purpose. Daily meditation, aura cleansing, and other Ancient Eastern practices such as Reiki and Yoga are extremely vital tools in helping us remain in alignment with Source and keep our eye on the prize, so to speak. 

It is important to practice love and understanding when dealing with others, especially those people who bother us the most. Every individual is a part of the whole. Try to remember when you notice yourself becoming agitated and annoyed with another person, that they are a part of the universe, so in a sense, you are only getting irritated with yourself.  Giving to others whenever possible is a wonderful way to tap into the Spirit of Oneness in the Universe and reconnect with Source as well. 

We must set our resolve and intention on always remembering the grander scheme of things. In doing so, it is all the easier to accept the small slights against us, helping us to focus on the love and light within each of us and just let it be.