Pain is not always an illness, it isn't always physical

Pain is also an emotion inbuilt to reawaken you.

Pain such a small word but has so much power and many, many meanings. Everyone at some point in there life's have experienced pain.

The pain i want to bring to your attention is the  inner turmoil of anguish kind of pain that flips your life upside down and makes you go to your very core to find your true authentic self. its a pain that makes you shed years of beliefs and habits that have been bestowed upon you from the day you were born.

When you begin questioning your life and your life's purpose the universe begins to listen, then it starts to reveal a new vision that only you can see through, relationships crumble and you begin to see people differently, your perception of reality has gone, in an instant life as you Knew it has gone forever.

This pain is beautiful i call it an awakening which triggers a new you, you know now that you are different you are a knowing being and a work in progress you know that you are important and everything has to come from you.

Your mind is your ultimate power, take control of it and make it work for you, begin again learn all about you, find the lesson that was intended to reveal itself to you through this rebirth, find the magic that resides in you, its out of this world dig deep find yourself.