Emotionally Healthy Ones

Emotionally perfect ? nah. Emotionally Healthy.

After a lot of observation , experience and research , I’ve come to realize that there are no emotionally perfect individuals; The ones who apparently have all sorted out in their lives and don’t seem to be having a care in the world , the ones who appear to be so in control of their feelings and have mastered the art of emotions ;The ones who we either look up to and sometimes even get secretly jealous of. They too have ‘off’ days , the days when they don’t feel good enough , when they lie in the bed all day and binge on comfort food , but, they have really strengthened their ability to bounce back to the preferred , healthy and desirable emotional state. 

For a long time I used to and sometimes still do have a problem with accepting the multiverse of emotions . I saw the world as black and white and had a strong desire to eliminate the black , which consists of unhealthy patterns and self-destructive tendencies. It took me a while to accept that the world we live in , duality is more complex than it already seems ; there actually is the presence of multiple shades of grey, depending on how much white and black one is willing to put in. No one’s the perfect saint. 

After accepting the truth about the multiverse, I had naively thought that I have mastered this fact and that it wouldn’t bother me again , but it did , it takes time to re-condition yourself with a particular way of thinking and believing takes even more resilience. This made me realize that no one ever truly masters it ;  The inspirational ones who I  look up to for various reasons , even they haven’t mastered it and as awkward as it might sound, I found this  enlightening realization to be comforting. The fact that everyone has low days , including our inspirational idols , but they bounce right back , is comforting. It spells out hope and makes me hopeful. They haven’t mastered it , rather , they have found and implemented ways and techniques to deal with their feelings effectively. They carry joy within themselves by repeatedly choosing to be happy. What makes them even more inspiring , is the fact that they do it again and again and again to stay in their desirable emotional states. This is what makes them , not emotionally perfect , but emotionally healthy.

— Rohan