5 Ways to Challenge Your Perspectives

Bring a deeper, richer experience to your life by challenging your perspectives. Here are 5 ways in which you can challenge and perhaps even change your perspectives.

There’s more to life than meets the eye. There’s certainly more to life than just skimming the surface. Life was meant to be lived and lived fully.  The greater the depth of our lives, the greater the experience, the greater the value. As we increase the value of our experiences we are left with a deeper sense of appreciation and satisfaction. 

How can we add more depth and meaning to our lives? Depth can be achieved through reflection, introspection and changing our perspectives. 

Here are 5 ways in which you can challenge and perhaps change those perspectives.

1) Meditation

Meditation will help you to clear your mind and bring you a sense of inner calm. That inner calm will give you clarity and focus. Meditation can be an amazing tool to de-stress, center and ground yourself. It will absolutely help to bridge a greater presence in the moment. 

You can, however, take meditation to the another level. Instead of meditating to completely empty your mind, you can also meditate on an object in nature. I’m talking about meditating over a tree, or flower, or leaf or even a blade of grass. Anything that you see in nature will work. Focus only on that object. Look at it, as it is. How does it exist? How does it function? How is it connected to the environment around it? Take it to as many levels as you can. 

The purpose of this exercise it to draw focus and emphasis to the fact that everything and everyone is connected. We are part of something greater than ourselves. Recognizing and celebrating that, bringing that to the forefront of your awareness, can add greater depth and meaning to your life.

2) Learning and Growth

Feed your mind. Expand on what you know and understand. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Expand the bubble that is your perspective. Keep expanding it. The more you know and understand, the more you’ll see. The more you see, the richer your experience will be. There are a plethora of resources out there to help you to expand your understanding, perspectives, and awareness.  Books, videos, communities, people, and more. 

Of course, I can’t bring this up without mentioning The Royal Society.  I have and continue to experience profound growth and change as an active member of this amazing community. I’ve conquered concepts and perspectives which I literally struggled decades with, all because I was able to relate to what other people there have shared. That new understanding has accentuated and improved all aspects of my life and well-being. If you haven’t already, come check it out: beroyal.com

3) Listening to Others

This ties in directly with learning and growth. I believe, we can be more receptive to growth and change if we learn to become better listeners. Pause before reacting. Say less, listen more. Really listen. Listen to all that people say. What are they really saying? 

Listen to what flows from your own mouth. Is it really the message you intend to give? Is it coming out the way you want it to? Is it being received the way you hope it will be? 

Are you judging what other people are saying? Maybe, you are not aware it is happening. You see things through your own perspectives, yet other people see things through theirs. You cannot attach your understanding to their words because neither you nor they can see through the exact same perspective. Being aware of this will allow you to be more patient and understanding. Your perspective limits you. It limits your understanding, as it does theirs. Further complicating matters, is the fact that we often don’t say what we mean, or don’t mean what we say. 

It’s so important to be present, in the moment, with yourself and others. It will help you to stay aware of the dynamics behind what is being said by both you and others. Instead of shutting someone down when they say something you disagree with, take some time. Take some time to think and understand. Exercise some humility and issue some grace. They don’t know everything and neither do you but together you may both expand what you understand. A greater understanding will give a greater depth to interactions and relationships with others.

4) Create

Instead of consuming all that is created by others, how about creating something of your own? Bring a little of you into this world. Create something. Write, paint, sculpt, build or design. Bring your creativity to life. 

Tapping into what excites you, unleashing your creativity; will awaken you. It will give you enthusiasm and excitement. It’s not about how perfect your creation is, it’s about the act of creating. Creativity allows you to tap into your inner most self. It puts you in touch with you. It can be a great way to reveal to yourself how you truly feel. It’s an amazing form of expression. Being able to express with more than just words, gives you greater freedom. Words are so limited. Creativity, if you allow it to, can run wild.  

Break out of your box. Expand on what you are. Let that bring a deeper more rounded experience to life. A lot of the routine in life is out of obligatory conformity. Creativity is the opposite of conformity. It puts you in touch with your imagination. Your imagination is limitless.

5) Service to Others

Want to expand your understanding of others? Want to peek at what it’s like on the other side? Want to tap into gratitude? Volunteer. Give service to others. Getting in touch with your selfless side, your sympathy and compassion helps to harness gratitude. It gives a deeper understanding of reality. 

People often joke about 1st world problems, but isn’t that sad? Isn’t that sad that we get so caught up in little, inconsequential stuff when there are far greater issues out there? Why do we blow up our own problems so much? 

If we help the less fortunate, it can help snap us back to reality. Live a life of gratitude instead of “complainitude”.  Actively seek gratitude, keep searching for what is good, what is great and what is amazing. 

Helping yourself while also helping another. What could be a greater gift? Not only are you making the world a better place, but you are also making your world a better place. Every time we pour gratitude into our hearts, we open ourselves. We have more, therefore we have more to give. 

My hope is that these 5 suggestions will help you to bring more focus to what matters the most. That they will help you to bring more depth, meaning, and satisfaction to your life.  Why not make the most out of life? Life is short, and time passes quickly. Seize the day!