Let Your Anger To Bring Out The Best In You!

How can we move from our anger-energy being a destructive force in our lives and the lives of others? How can we instead, turn anger into something constructive? How can we use it to bring ourselves and others happiness?

The next time you find yourself getting angry, ask yourself:

Is this really something I want to give my time and energy to?
Will doing so make any positive impact?

If your answer is no, consider redirecting that anger-energy as soon as possible! Find something to do that will feed your soul, fuel your fire, passion and creativity. Find something that will bring something new and positive to this world.  

The sooner you can catch yourself, the better.  Don’t worry if you don’t catch yourself right away, remember, practice makes perfect! If you keep working on this, it will improve. 

The more actively engaged you can be in the present moment, the more aware you will become of yourself; of your actions and reactions. As you become more aware, you will increase your ability to change what it is you do and how.

Whenever you find your mind wandering to the past or future, pull yourself back into the present. Making peace, working through forgiveness of yourself and others over whatever happened in the past will help you to not revisit the past.  Acceptance is an important tool when dealing with all that happened before the present moment. Remember,  you cannot go back and change anything that has happened. Nothing at all. It was, what is was. You are here now, in the present, and as such, have the power to affect only the present.

On the other side of this, thinking too much about the future, especially in terms of wants and desires, constricts us. First of all, it does little, if anything to achieve any goals. Secondly, consider, that what you think you may want tomorrow may not actually be what you want tomorrow. You are ever-changing and constantly evolving. It’s OK to want better for the future, but don’t expect for the future. Just as introspection is very challenging, so is knowing what is in fact good or best for us and the path there. We may think we need to do things one way, when in fact, we may need to do them in a completely different way.

Be passionate, but be flexible!

Imagine, how much more you could be doing for yourself whenever you get angry! Rather than wasting that time and energy on emotions, words and actions that will likely not help you or anyone in any way, you could redirect that anger-energy towards some self care and love. Doing anything that feeds your soul, fuels your fire, passion and creativity is an enormous act of love to yourself,  and for yourself.  You’ll feel better, enriched, re-energized and perhaps, others will too as a result of whatever it is you bring forth.  What a turn around that is! 

Many times, we are told to control ourselves and to not say anything when we get angry. In essence, you are told to not react. Consider how this limits you. Trying to quash, bottle up the energy of anger, denies you a part of yourself.  It creates a volatility and vulnerability within yourself. The anger doesn’t magically disappear. It’s there beneath the surface. Until you deal with it, you’re carrying it with you, wherever you go. You can gain control by giving your anger-energy a task; something for it to do. In this way, you can reduce the risk that you will say or do something you may regret later. By doing this, you will also release your pent up frustration and energy.

Don’t you want all of you—working for you, in your favor?  You can embrace even your anger and put it to task for the greater good!

I want your anger to bring out the best in you, not the worst. Anger comes from the same emotional place as creativity and passion, so it can be used for such. In my own experience, I have done some of my best art work, some of my best writing while in a heightened emotional state by redirecting my anger.

So the next time you find yourself getting angry, catch yourself and redirect it to something that serves you and through you, others. 

What a gift that is!