The Time Is Now!

With everything going on with the world from natural disasters, shootings, protests, corrupt governments, hatred, greed and poverty, now is the time to do our best at helping. We don't need a superhero, we need to become them!

Knowing your purpose

You know that thing that you have always wanted to do and wish you could do it as a career? That's your purpose. The one thing you have been training to do your entire life; The path that the universe has prepared you for. See, the universe works so perfectly that it sets you up for your life path from the moment you are born. Think about all of the things that you love to do and all the skills that you have learned  to do. For some, none of it will make sense yet but once you walk further down your specific and extraordinary path of life, it will all come together like a puzzle! You just have to have faith that its happening.

We are meant to be aligned 

How does the universe have us all completely fitted and aligned just like a puzzle, you ask?  We are all different but somehow, our differences create the big picture. There are people that enjoy driving and setting their minds free. There are people who love to cook. There are people that would work in Biohazard because they care so much about cleaning up the earth. There are people who look at careers with a different perspective than you which is why it so important for us all to have different perspectives.  We were built as a perfect plan and continue to be as time passes. The universe is a perfect entity, therefore it made us to be the same; Perfect

Using your purpose to be a superhero

We have all been sent here to earth as healers, as superheroes! If you are reading this, you are a healer or light worker. The universe works so perfectly that there are no coincidences or accidents.; It's all meant to be! Take that one thing that you love more  than anything and think how you can use it to better the world or the people of it! With low self-esteem, you would think, “I’m not a superhero! How can little bitty me be awesome enough to be a superhero?”.  I don’t know about you, but I know that I am Wonder Woman! With my coaching, Reiki and leadership, I know that I am on my way to great things. If you would have told me that three years ago, I would have said you are crazy.

All you have to do is believe

Know and believe that you are a healer and it will come to be. There is no secret to being a superhero. All you have to do is step in to your purpose, your true identity, and you will know that believing is the only way to success. Manifestations are the best way to become what you want and manifesting only works if you know  that it works. You have to struggle a bit, you have to sacrifice some, and most importantly, believe and trust the process! 

Setting your intention

All you do,  is do what you are passionate about and put intention into it! To heal and send out love! To plant a seed in anyone that comes across you and your talents. This is all about quantum physics.  Anything you think, feel, see or perceive can be put directly into your purpose just by deciding that it will! It is that simple. You don’t always have to put love into your projects either. I chose love because that’s what I live for, that’s what I am named after and that is how I do anything; with love. You, my friend, can put peace, happiness, abundance, anything you want  but you must understand that your intention must be with the purest of reason. I have had some friends in the past who have tried manifesting all their life but nothing works out because everything they do is for selfish gain. You must want to change  the world for the simple fact of wanting to help. Then, and only then, will things start happening for you. Remember that the universe is perfect and knows all. You are unable to trick the universe with your intentions so they must be very pure. 

Ask the universe to help

I'll tell you a secret. You don't need to be anointed to be a healer! You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for classes waiting for someone to tell you that you are ready, play God and touch your fingers with theirs.  All you have to do is ask God, Gaia, the universe, whoever you pray to, to let you be their conduit and do their work! To be their helper here on earth. There is no specific wording, no ceremony, no announcement that needs to be done. Simply ask and claim it! After you claim your identity and gifts, simply watch your life change before your eyes! Mine has and I have so many moments, almost daily, that I cry in gratitude for the opportunities that show themselves to me. This is what it takes, gratitude. If we are not grateful for what we have, why would the universe give us more? Show your creator that you appreciate all that you have and your life will continue to grow abundantly. 

Let's do this together

If we all do our passions with love and healing, we will shift the planets consciousness. We will heal the earth and all the hearts on it. We just have to believe and commit. Imagine the ripple effects. If every ripple you make effects one person, and they effect five other people and so on, it is super easy to shift this world from anger, hatred, greed and heartache! It just takes every one of us to reach the goal. That’s why you want to plant a seed in everyone you meet by loving them as a human being. The more awakened beings on our planet, the bigger the shift. Many of us are here to act as counselors. If someone wants to tell you their life story, you are to give them a lesson with the wisdom you have gained in life. Give them your advice and ever so gently. You will change their perspective and possibly put them on the right track. You never know when your words will awaken a heart.

Keeping your life positive while being the superhero

People will think you are crazy; Most of them. Especially your family and friends that have always been there because either they don't like change or because you are exactly where they want to be. Don't worry, some will come around. The ones that do not? They are no longer meant for you until their consciousness catches up with you! Some will and some won’t but that’s ok! What is meant to be will always be! The hardest part about being a superhero is having to constantly change your circle of friends. Not because they are not good people, but they are no longer good for you! People come into our life for a reason, some for a season, and some are always there with you no matter what because they always grow with  you. Definitely get rid of the people in your life that cause you trauma, drama or chaos. Keep an eye out for people that talk about others, think they know everything, or don’t care about your own wellbeing. These are toxic relationships and will distract you from your purpose. The hardest part is when you recognize your true identity and have to change your entire circle of friends. It may be lonely and trying but this will help you focus on your purpose until the time is right for you to meet the people in your life that will stay and help you grow!