My Obituary

I remember in 2009 when I had the great epiphany that life is not how you live it but rather how you are remembered. You may believe to have lived an incredible life but when you are gone, will you be remembered?

Making A Difference

Recently I had an assignment for my master level Life Span and Human Development course to write my obituary. This involves listing the life I have led and the life I imagine (manifesting) I will live. My question to promote thought: Do I want to work in the Human Services Field or Do I want to change the way Human Services provides care?

To be honest, six months ago I would have hated this assignment. However, from all the skills I have learned from being a member of the Royal Society, I embraced this assignment as if I was ordering my dream vacation on the internet with no price limit. I thought I would share it with everyone and for the sake of my family, future family and all generations of friends I hope I don't let you down.

"Innovator and Pioneer in Mental Health Dies at 100 years old.

Noelle Jennifer Dodge died on June 17, 2070 peacefully in her sleep due to natural causes. Third child born to Donald & Jacquelyn Dodge on December 17, 1970 in Oak Park Illinois. A young mother at the age of 19, her journey of parenting began when she gave birth to her first child and only daughter Jessalyn Mary Murray. Married at age 25 and at age 30 gave birth to her last child and only son, Thomas Daniel Dreisbach. By age 32 she was divorced and remarried in 2009 to John Dolcimascolo. Noelle leaves behind 6 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

From 1990 – 2009 Noelle struggled to complete an associate degree. In 2013 she graduated from Elgin Community College with a two vocational certificates; Human Services Generalist, Family Violence with High Honors along with two Associate Degrees in both Human Services Generalist and Family Violence both  with Honors and recognized for merit and accomplishment by the Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities in 2013. Noelle started the Human Services Club at Elgin Community College and served as their first President until she graduated. That educational experience began her journey. Her first conference presentation was given at the Midwest Organization of Human Services and was introduced to Judson University where her education continued and graduated with a B.A in Human Services in 2015. During that experience Noelle participated in several World Leadership Forums and spoke at Judson Sponsored engagements. In 2018 graduated from Judson University with an MA in Humans Services Administration and also graduated from Simple Reminders Thought Leadership School.

Noelle began her public speaking at Celebrate Your Life Conferences and through her experiences in the Though Leadership School. In 2025 Noelle opened the doors to her first Awakenings Family Resort and Spa. The Spa became a frequent host for The Royal Society Conferences and gatherings as well as Celebrate Your Life Conferences where many celebrities frequent and inspirational thought leaders spoke (including herself) along side several underprivileged families received treatment and pampering for mental health and family dysfunctions. Partnered with Judson University Internship Program, this model was the catalyst for the changes in the standard practice of treating mental illness and their families that is given today. Awakenings is now a worldwide resort franchise and in every state of the United States."

If you struggle with manifesting, this is a great exercise. You may have written a personal mission statement or perhaps you have your "Core Values" displayed on your walls but to have an obituary to live up to gave me a whole new level of motivation. I have this printed on my wall in my office over my workspace and when I feel like giving up, I will read my legacy.