How I Realized I was Channeling Energy into my Art

An artists journey of discovering untapped potential

How I Realized I was Channeling Energy into my Art

I have always loved to create, ever since I can remember I was always manipulating things into my minds perception of its possibilities.  Most things were never created with the intention of them becoming permanent, meaning I would make things of sand on a beach, sticks in the woods, and a napkin at dinner. Each time I did this my mind was never in the reality that we all consider to be real, but rather an inner world a different dimension if you will that held images I had never seen in my real life. It was an escape, a meditation of sorts that allowed me to dive into this imagined dimension and explore it deeper and deeper.

As I became an adult, I let go of this practice. I left it in my childhood disregarded as unpractical and unproductive. I struggled with depression, and anxiety. I found myself in many unhealthy relationships and jobs.I would still often daydream into this dimension of mine, but not bringing anything from it into my physical world. It was just that to me, a day dream, A bit of an escape. I didn’t realize the importance this world of mine would become in my future.

I came to a point in my life where I was fed up with being unhappy,being in jobs I didn’t like and surrounded with people that were no good for me. So I started a process of change, I left behind any blame on external circumstances and took full responsibility for changing my experience in this life.

I returned to my art, I set aside time every day for just creating, anything. This started as doodles, then art journaling, then sewing,then sculpture and art dolls. It was a two year process of putting my hands on anything I could manipulate and create. I was obsessed with learning mediums,textures and techniques. I started getting a reaction to the things I was doing, an admiration if you will from people associated to me in my communities both locally and online. I even inspired a few people to start their creative processes and expand on the art they already did. I felt very accomplished and proud of the movement my life was making, but something was still missing. The connection I had while creating when I was young was not there, I call this my new learning years.

When I found myself at a road block, meaning I wasn’t expanding as an artist and my life was still not that in which I imagined, however improved. I took a look to my spiritual life, and dove more into my spiritual development,while still making time to create every day. I noticed how I started allowing myself the freedom to tap into my other reality more and more while I created.

It was an interesting event that the moment of realization came to me. I was invited to do a career fair for the local high schools as an artist, because at this point I was seen as such in my community. I agreed because inspiring creativity in people is something I very much believe in. I gathered several pieces I had done for display and printed off material for the students on different career opportunities available to artists. During this art fair, several thousand young adults walk through my booth and I spoke with many of them, I noticed a common reaction to one piece of art, which really wasn’t of any particular skill involved. I mean no one would have had to study hard to produce the picture its self. While many others that had hours of skilled techniques poured into them hardly got a nod. Then it dawned on me, this piece was done from my other dimension, its energy was pulled from a place not of this world.

Of course second guessing myself, I had to do an experiment.I created two similar pieces, one just using art technique, the other allowing my energy to flow between both worlds. After posting them both online in several platforms the response was unanimous, the piece done while channeling my energy to and from this other dimension was loved, and received a lot of attention, while the other sat virtually unnoticed.

This is when I knew for sure that this other dimension was not just my imagination, it was a real place that held energy that could be tapped into and used to charge anything I wanted. I was astonished and excited beyond belief. I started visiting what I have been calling my other dimension for really lack of a better way, as often as possible. I started as I did in my youth finding myself manipulating anything in my surroundings in to new possibilities. I noticed my overall mind set to be more relaxed and my disposition becoming calm and full of gratitude. I’m loving life. It doesn’t matter the state of my finances or the orderliness of my home, I feel content and happy most of time.

I have been asked to do many more commissioned pieces, which I have pulled energy from my other dimension and poured into the pieces. I have gotten feedback from almost every one of them that the piece actually has changed the feel in the room. That it brings a sense of peace and calming effect to its environment. I could not be happier with the results and my new found way of creating. Channeling energy into my art pieces, which can then hold that energy and have an effect on its environment. I feel as if I have found a new purpose,to just channel this energy into this physical reality that let’s face it could use all the peace and calm it can get.

I am evolving into this purpose more and more every day,finding new ways to use this gift of channeling energy. This childhood play that I had abandoned was the exact thing I needed all along and now it’s my gift to the world.