A Song in My Heart and How Music Heals Us

Music speaks to us when we can't speak. It heals us when we are torn. We share the same heart and one song. That song is in our heart.

The meaningful lyrics and music that surrounds us seems to disappear when we are busy with our lives. We might find a favorite song that we sing along to and this gives a common bond, a common connection. Music is a universal language and it means the same no matter where you go.

I am speaking from a personal and professional level of how music has affected me and was a big part of my life. Having parents and family as musicians and singers, I grew up around music with the radio on, the stereo playing a record, or us constantly singing/playing instruments in my house. We didn't limit it to the house though. We would go to the beach at night, make a bonfire ala campfire at the beach and sing. My brother brought his bongo drums, I played my ukelele and my sister brought her guitar. We sang as a family, at night. I can't tell you there's nothing more magical than that.

As a teenager I played acoustic guitar and sang quietly in my room. I learned to play piano much earlier but I felt I couldn't "write" unless it was on my guitar, then I graduated to a Gibson 355 electric. I constantly challenged myself. I tried to play Dobro, Mandolin and even Dulcimer. My life forever changed after that. I had children.

I have hundreds of songs I have written. Some were written before I married my first husband, then some with him and some by myself. We are talking over a 35 year span. Music was the only thing I had sometimes to get me through some very dark, lonely, painful times in my life. It influenced how I felt, how I wrote, and how I lived. The good and the bad.

I am sharing this information because it was and still is an integral part of my life. I do not actively write songs anymore, partly because when I had Lymphoma the first time, it was in my neck, trachea and in my chest. I received 35 direct radiation treatments to my neck and it left scar tissue on my vocal cords. There was a marked difference in my singing after that. They called it "necrosis."  It changed me forever and I figured if I can't sing, how can I write? Also, I have been busy raising children the past 30 plus years so anyone who is a parent should know what I'm talking about right?

I gave up on myself so many times throughout my life. Afraid of what might not happen or how I might fail. I think it is in our nature to always find an escape route. A fire escape ladder to crawl down when nobody is watching so we don't disappoint ourselves or others. There is hope. Every one of us should tear down the walls around our hearts and reach your hand out.

What I have learned and I continue to learn is this: It's not what you can't do in your life, it's what you CAN do. You can't throw everything away, give up, and run off just because you got splashed with some water from a truck driving by too fast. The reason I am still here after 3 times battling Lymphoma is because I don't give up. I believe in touching at least one person's life every day with positivity and kindness. Just a kind word.

You should live your life by example, an example to others because if you do this? I promise you that the rewards will be overflowing. I love to bring a smile to someone's face. You might even find me in an HEB aisle late one night line dancing "Soul Train" (Love, Peace and Soul) and singing the O'Jay's "Love Train." I manage to always get others to sing and dance with me. It's a guarantee. Love is ALWAYS the answer. Get on board the Love Train. It is the song in your heart that will carry you and it's that same song that will heal you.