Control Or Not Control That's The Question

What is my prize to have the control in everything ?

I have been listening to people  complaining about having too many activities by  being the most important structure in the family, relationship, or in their work, I've also listened to myself, when I had one of my multiply "explosions" and then I take a holly breath and I start re-evaluating the situation, as I have said before  my personal stile  consist always in question to people, I love it and of course I do it with myself several times,  so here are the questions:

Why do I feel stress in life?

How often do I decide to be stressed? 

How many times do I feel like I  do everything for my  family, colleagues, community  and friends?

Do I considered myself or I am called the "boss" in the family, relationship, work, society? 

Do I call myself  the super hero because I solve all the problems and situations? 

Do I like that "roll"?

What is my prize, gain, etcetera for being in that way?

I have to be very honest and answer to myself these questions.   

I used to feel very tired  and stressed myself, but I realized that I like to have control. 

Now my question for you is: 

Do you like if?

And do the people around you let you have the control? 

If your answers are yes, then what's the problem?

Relax and enjoy it,  see what you get in change, if you like it, it's okay, but now let's analyze this. If you don't like it or you like it or want it but the people around you don't let you have control then you have to negotiate with them, all of us have an amazing thing called communication, first listen than have a negotiation and or distribution of  responsibilities together, there isn't any reason to feel upset. Let's use our intelligence and if we realize that we are totally unhappy with the situation move away, there are always doors to open. 

So this is my simple remainder about using doors that give us choices  about which one is the best road to follow,  because we are totally free, nobody belongs to anybody, nobody posses anyone, and in order to have good relations we have to open our ears and be in a good disposition to be in harmony with our beloved ones, colleagues and friends otherwise better be alone, and then have total control of our own life, but let's make us a favor to ourselves and to others, be happy because that's why we are in this very eventual life, our journey in this world is too short, so we should don't  waste our  time forcing things. And specially trying control everything and everyone because as you and I have the right of freedom and so does the rest of the world too, we are individuals, and we have to understand that and respect that so ...

Lets be free by giving freedom to control. 

Let's be happy by letting the controllers take control of their controlling lives in their own controlled world ha! 

And you and I just be ...