Is This Real or Intuition? Trust Yourself.

You know what I'm talking about, when everyone thinks you are crazy for knowing what you know or feel. Guess what, you are not crazy!

Is This Real or Intuition?

I hear this phrase a lot while conversating with friends and acquaintances. How do I know if what I feel, see, think, hear or know is true? I also had this problem as I grew older. When I was little, I always had a way of knowing. I didn’t need evidence about anything to know what is right, what is wrong, if someone had ill intentions, or if someone was using me for their own material gain. I never had to question or second guess myself.

As I grew older, I found out that this scares people. They don’t understand and they really  don’t like it if they feel like you are “in their head”. Especially when your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you and you call them out on it. That really upsets people. Now, after years of finding out that I was right and being called “crazy” ever since middle school, I had to learn to trust myself. I know the difference between my intuition and just a thought because “the voice of reason” is always different. There is my voice where it sounds like I am talking to myself (especially as I type this up and it all comes to mind), then there is a feeling or sometimes a completely different voice, but usually feeling. (You can call it the universe,God, your Angels, guides, Gaia…. whatever your belief is).

After hearing that I am crazy for years and years, I stopped believing in myself and believed everyone else. Why would I be so special to have a gift like this? I probably am guessing, just like they are saying! There is no such thing as the super natural! This was the most frustrating part of my life because I started to not only lose who I was, but I started to get lost in life. I started making poor decisions that lead to nothing but heartache every single time. Then I cried myself to sleep at night because I had no idea who I was, what I was doing and what the purpose of my being here all meant. The reason I am writing this to you is because I know that every single one of us has it, we just need to listen and trust ourselves.

That is the best piece of advice, “Trust Yourself”. The hardest and  easiest piece of advice. You know what feelings I’m talking about. When you meet a new someone in your life and just a couple days later,you get an ill feeling. Stop and trust yourself, something is wrong. Walk the other way and there is no need to explain yourself. When you start feeling that your friend is backing away because you no longer please them exactly the way they want you to, let them walk away. There is no reason to keep someone in your life if you get the feeling that something is off. When they start growing as a person, they may come back! If not, they were either a lesson to you or you were to them. Contemplate, understand, learn and move on, but never stop trusting your inner self for someone else because, nine times out of ten, you are correct.