Toxic family members

How to move from toxic family members

My freedom my inner peace

I was born in a very toxic family also my parents came  from a toxic family too, it's important to understand this, I also grew in a very wrong toxic way of love . For some reason when I was very young I understood that I didn't want this kind of feelings, situations and people in my life but I didn't know how to handle it, with time these toxic situations with my  family grew until one day finally I  became strong and  started moving away from them little by little but as every body knows toxicity as missery  needs company, when my "blood family" started looking for me because I wasn't showing myself around them I just told them the truth  "I don't want your toxicity and your dramas in my life. I am working on my inner peace and happiness and I am not going to permit you continue hurting me and using me."  That's what I told them, it sounds easy but it's not as Bryant said in one of his broadcasts "cutting the rope hurts" but the price of my inner peace deserve it. So this is a simple remainder about being strong and honest no matter what no matter who, because also those qualities are some of the royal etiquette.  I found out that it is better to be honest about what we don't want especially about  toxic people even when they are family and also this could be the beginning for them to start changing themselves, because the real objective is to have a better world made by positive people.