That Perfect Moment

How do you know that a moment is perfect ?
Well if you ask me , I can only say that ...

The world comes to a standstill ; It seems like something written from the divine quill

 What comes true is a deep desire of your heart which might not be conspicuously known ;It's as if cosmos conspires to weave a moment which you can own 

That's something which brings you joy and has the power to banish your melancholic bandanna  ; But then it's up to you , either fear losing it or use it to become a Pollyanna

And once it has occurred, it might seem weird, more like a melange  ;There you go again dearie , use your pollyannaish streak and think of it as an angelic phalange

 Now stop thinking about this , you're losing another 'moment' ; Just hope that you experience such stuff again , which you remember and say                                                                                                                                              "Ah! That Perfect Moment!"