Wow! This life is exciting!

A journey in time starting in fear but ending up in creativity and joy!


I have a great deal of natural curiosity. That is why I am constantly aware and eager to learn. Maybe that is why I will always look things up. It has become easier in one way now when we have Google, but then there is the question of it being reliable.  So the need to choose the trustworthy sources become greater with this search tool online. 

The library is still a place where I like to look things up, learn, and create new questions in my mind. I'm not an expert on world events - simply because I don't watch or listen to the news much. Once in a while I come across it and happen to hear something but mostly I have people who inform me if something happens that I really need to know. 

Some call it irresponsible, but I call it self preservation. I hate hearing about all the terrible things that happen everywhere in the world on a daily basis. When I listen to all that stuff I become depressed. So, I have decided not to. I can't change the things that have happened but I can become a catalyst for good in the world. 

Learning to walk

Isn't that a funny title? It is actually what I have been doing these last months. I have been learning to walk my talk in all areas of life.  I have been practicing eating right, exercising, setting goals, achieving the smaller steps toward the goals, and celebrating them. I have been practicing affirmations, meditation, and finding a schedule that will work for me. I have been going to places I have been curious about, and seeing people that I have missed for a long time. 

I have been catching up with important loved ones and connecting with them where I find them. It has been a wild ride that has caused me to think about my own life a whole lot. Why have I been so creative and never dared let anyone see it or hear it? I realized that I was so afraid of judgement that I never showed anyone my art, crafts, or let anyone hear my music. That is sad! 

Dancing in the streets

Now I have decided to let go of all of the inhibitions and show the world what I am made of. I am using my art, my music, my creativity, my skills, and my inventions to share with the world. It is exciting and I'm not scared anymore. Some people will like it and others will not, just like I don't like everything that I see or hear. We all have different preferences and we all want different things in life. 

To me the most important thing right now is to celebrate loosing 40 lbs, having more energy to be creative and effective with, and starting on my new path of creative intuative work, sharing in the joys of my big family, and being more than I ever thought I could be!

What is important to you?