Dont Stop...Ever!

Never allow others to determine your self-worth.

Don't Stop...Ever!

You're an amazing person, please don't stop trying to do things just because of fear of rejection / actual rejection from another person. Try to remember that rejection is simply one person's choice to not accept what you have done, it is not a reflection on what you have done. If you have put your best effort into what you're attempting to do, that is all that needs to be looked at on your behalf, the time and effort you put into anything you do is all that should really matter to you, if you can rest at night and put your head on your pillow knowing that you've given it your best effort, if your effort is rejected or accepted this of no consequence to you, the only thing that is, is the amount of work you decide to  give your effort because in the end you are the only one who has to be with you, and you're the only one who knows how much you put into it. rest easy in the fact that you have given it your best effort once it leaves your hands it is no longer up to you to decide what happens to it....