Trust The GPS

Never take matters into your own the GPS

GPS navigation for the rest of us...

You know how sometimes when you're going somewhere and your using a GPS and it says left turn in 40 miles and you're like okay cool just 40 more miles and I'll be there, then you get to that left turn and you make your left  and the GPS says right turn in 82 miles and your heart sinks because you thought you were close & now you have another  82 miles to go? Well life can be like that as well, life will give you twists & turns  and sometimes when you think you're almost  right where you need to be emotionally physically and spiritually, they'll be another turn  that you have to make and they'll be another 82 miles that you have to travel to get to your next level of self awareness. my simple reminder is this, don't  be so anxious to arrive at your destination, enjoy the trip that you're taking to get there, because the worst thing to do is to decide to quit before reaching your destination because it seems like it was to much work just to get where you are right now, and find out that there was only one more mile to go after the next turn and you decided to  quit in the middle of the 82 mile Stretch.