There are Times We Just Need to Be Quiet

Silence is Sometimes Golden


My Father was a very wise man and very intuitive.... Whenever I had something weighing on me he would take me aside and always say "Would you like for me to listen"?  This was always a special one on one time for me with my Father as we were four kids and my father worked shift work so not much one on one time was available... I would always take advantage of his offer.... so off we would go downstairs to the basement or outside in the garden or sometimes the garage and there I would unload what ever it was that was bothering me.  So here we would sit and all the time I know he was watching me and paying attention to me and he would always just sit, be quiet and listen......When I would finish he would stop and say if I hear you correctly and he would repeat what it is that he heard me say and then pause and think a little more and then he would say to me "Well in my opinion and if you would like to hear my opinion here it is".... he would then wait for me to answer yes or no, he would respect that answer yes or no and never force his opinion on me.  

We sometimes need to be there for one another and just listen and respect each other's wishes and remember that Silence is Golden that sometimes our opinion is not called for or needed.

My Father passed away ten years ago already but a day does not go by I do not think of him...Even when he was bed ridden because of the illness that took his life he listened in his wonderful usual way...

The Brighter Side

The Brighter Side