Interpreting Fear Into Success

What do we often feel when we are uncomfortable? Is it truly fear that governs our choices and lives? Or may the answer actually include fear?

Interpreting Fear into Success

As we grow and develop, even from a young age, we are taught that there are certain things that are 'safe' and others that are 'unsafe'... turning the 'unsafe' into fears is where we begin to learn what is right and what is wrong. But are we really looking into fear and seeing all that it is capable of providing us?

YES. I just said FEAR can be good!

Besides the obvious reasons that without fear of life threatening situations, our species would have favored poorly in the game of life. We require fear to keep us alive, but are we actually looking deeper into fear and seeing the multitude of ways it can support us? 

Fear exists in so many different situations for so many different people, and what's beautiful about fear, is that no one fear is similar to another, just as no one person fears one thing just the same as another. This is the key to working WITH fear to achieve greatness. Let's take a look at a simple scenario.

Alex is walking home from school one day, and realizes as she gets to her house, she has misplaced her key. Cue, FEAR. What Alex is really experiencing is not necessarily best described as fear, although yes, being attacked by a wild lion in a suburban neighborhood would definitely incite fear in anyone's mind, what Alex is actually more accurately experiencing is vulnerability.

So when we look at the word fear, most see no exit, no options, no solutions. By looking at the word fear, and recognizing that it is rooted in vulnerability, we are actually then filled with multitudes of exit scenarios, countless options, and very reasonable solutions (mixed in with some irrelevant solutions, thank you human brain). The path to changing the way one sees the world begins within. In order to change perspective, it is imperative to understand that the term fear, actually incites fear just by merely reading it or saying it out loud. But it's not really a very scary thing after all. Break down fear, and anyone will soon see that it is vulnerability that is the true emotion, and the best part about vulnerability is the endless opportunities that it produces. 

Another great example in dissecting fear into vulnerability is any situation where one may be uncomfortable. As humans, we tend to avoid situations that create tension and feelings of a lack of control, when in reality, we are provided with learning opportunities almost every second of every day.

The next time you avoid something you fear, simply due to the unpleasant emotion it 'evokes' I persuade you to change the term fear to vulnerable and open your world up to endless opportunities to step outside that cozy comfort zone, and create new mental connections that will not only help you in the specific situation in the future, but re-train your brain to respond to fear in a more healthy and opportunist way. After all, YOU are the ruler of YOUR domain, and it is up to you to create your own paradise or nightmare.