Day 27 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

I drink a lot of water and it keeps me healthy!

Day 27 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

I do drink a lot of water and I am thirsty all the time. So I carry a water bottle with me everywhere always. It keeps me hydrated and it feels good to be healthy in this way. We have really great tap water but sometimes I buy still water from the local store. 

There is a difference in the water quality although I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I have always lived in places with cold and clean water from our own well. Once in a while we need to send in water sampels for testing and there has never been any problems with our water. For that I am grateful!

Once upon a time I drank a lot of juice and soda as I didn't like the water very much. But as I started my journey toward health a couple of years ago I quit on the sugar and started drinking only water and the funny thing is that after a while the water started tasting good, sweet even. 

Right now I always have the biggest glass that I have found in a store, next to me at all times, with ice and water. About 60-75% of our bodies are made up of water so keeping hydrated is really important to stay healthy. 

When I was diagnosed with diabetes I realized that it was something I had caused by my unhealthy eating habits and my weight. I rarely ate breakfast, often I skipped meals and ate a lot of junk in between meals instead and then I would spend the evening over eating to compensate for the lack during the day. 

Of course this caused my weight issue as well as the diabetes. So I decided to clean up my eating and get a grip on my life to get healthy! Now I don't need any meditation for the diabetes. The numbers are normal if I just take an interest in being and staying healthy. 

Now I am ready for the affirmation of April 28: I listen to my inner voice and follow my heart!

It should be a really interesting day and I will share what happened with you soon!

Take care and stay hydrated!