Day 26 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

I only eat the best food that nourishes my body!

Day 26 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

What is best for me right now might not at all be what is best for someone else. I am on a really low calorie fluid diet that has all the nourishment I need as I loos a lot of weight. To follow through on this takes a steady mind and just knowing that I really need it to get healthy is enough for me right now. 

It has been a blessing to have this affirmation to stand firmly on today as the urge to eat less nourishing food became overwhelming at times. I am loosing about two pounds a day on this diet and I am not hungry if I eat all the shakes that I am supposed to. 

Still I really miss chewing. I miss hard bread and spices like oregano, garlic and salt. I love salt. Yes, I know it isn't that good for me but I guess I am detoxing from it right now and I just need to stick it out. 

I realize that I have been comforting myself with chocolate and salty snacks because right now in the midst of working through the grief of losing my friend, I really want to eat junk. I am keeping myself to the diet but learning a lot about why I eat. It is an important insight.

Now I am keeping my affirmation close at all times to keep me on track and at the same time I am learning alternative methods of coping with my feelings of abandonment, grief, and loneliness. Today I have been frustrated because it has been a struggle, but I know that this is the only way to go. 

The affirmation of April 27 is: I drink a lot of water and it keeps me healthy. 

So now I just want to wish you all a healthy day and take good care of yourselves! 

See you again tomorrow!