Day 25 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

I care so much about you that I take care of myself in the best of ways!

Day 25 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

Yes, I care about you. But if you care for me then you would take care of yourself in a better way. If you take care of you for me then I will take care of me for you. Not only that! If I care about myself enough I will take care of myself for the greater good.

 I am turning everything around in my head. Actually we are all interconnected and the only thing that we really can do, is to take care of ourselves and let the change we want to see in the world, start internally.

If there is something we want to see change, we can start living it, doing it, changing it in our own lives. It is very interesting how we learn as we do that, the way we can shift our way of thinking, as we meet new challenges along the way. 

I am actually happy for the times in my life that have been tough, because it is by going through all that, and growing from it, that I have learned so much, and become the person that I am today. i have had ample opportunity to learn from everything that has happened in life. The things I didn't want but attracted. 

So the only way to get a lasting change is to actually change the internal dialogue and start living the life I want and choose for myself. it is exciting to make plans when there are no limits. To dream big, plan big, think big, and actually believe that I am worth it. 

Today as April affirmations have gone on for 25 days i am excited about all that it has changed in my internal dialogue. Possibilities are opening up. I am taking action in things I never thought I would because I was trapped in a little box of expectations. 

Now I am making plans to follow my heart and do what gives me strength and fills my heart with song. I am dreaming about the things I want to accomplish and I am taking steps to make it so. i am learning new things and choosing the alternatives that are best for me. 

If I had done this just a year ago I would have felt very selfish but the truth is that I should have done this a long time ago. I should have taken care of myself much better and by doing that I would have had more strength and love to spend on my loved ones and everyone else. 

Now I am going to step into the realm of my own health because the affirmation of April 26 is: I only eat the best food that nourishes my body! 

I will get back to you on how that went! Have a wonderful day!