Follow Your Soul

Some say that "Dreams" do not lie in society's definition of "Responsibility," but I say that it's our legitimate responsibility to follow those dreams.

Follow Your Soul

Soul guidance, for the win!  :D

I just had a realization, and I'm feeling strongly prompted to share. <3

I need to lean toward doing that which is "familiar" for my SOUL, rather than just staying in the "familiar" of my limited mortal perception.

Because they are SO DIFFERENT!! My soul recognizes my ultimate purpose, and all things which are in alignment therewith. My mortal limitations can only perceive what I've experienced so far in this mortality. Do I want to keep re-living the past circumstances over and over? Do I want to limit my experiences to what I've seen other people already do, instead of stepping out and doing something completely new and different? Do I really want to stay stuck in a cookie-cutter lifestyle when I'm meant to be a friggin' CAKE??

Okay, let's slow down for a minute... Cuz I'm kinda hungry, and I want to make it through this article before some legit cravings kick in...  :)

My soul is still connected to my creator (I believe in my creator as a being, but feel free to enter Universe or whatever works for you. I'm proceeding with "Creator" because it feels most comfortable for me). He already knows what's ahead, and what needs to happen next. He's already prepared the way, and he's already instilled that way into my very soul, like a GPS. It's laid out, it's already been created, and should I choose to follow HIS guidance via my SOUL, I'll achieve the ultimate destination which is ideal for me; ultimate fulfillment and expression of my full potential. In that sense, it has already "happened" for me; I'm just going through the process of finally experiencing it. (Yep. I totally just tried to throw some "woo-woo" or "meta-physics" or whatever into this. You're welcome! POOF!! #MindBlown)

The more I resist & fight this guidance (or intuition, if you will), the more discord and depression and anxiety I will be feeling as a result. We are at our worst when we are NOT being true to ourselves, after all. Right?? But being true means facing a lot of obstacles, many of which are placed in our way by societal standards of who we should be and how we should live our lives (*cough* cookie cutter), along with the false beliefs we've developed about ourselves, and sometimes even various physical ailments flaring up from adversarial forces who would seek to destroy our potential by distracting us from our possibilities.

But we are SO MUCH MORE that those things!!

I've found that following my soul means discarding a lot of temporal comforts; these false "securities" placed to keep me from progressing, to keep me JUSTIFYING my stagnation. The comfort of having a "steady" paycheck, being the "good" citizen, or even having the "ideal" picture-perfect lifestyle... Settling for something that's "okay" instead of taking the risk of pursuing something EPIC.

GOOD is truly the enemy of BEST, because it lulls us into a false sense of satisfaction. "It's good enough, I should be grateful for this and just let those other aspirations/goals/dreams go... They weren't 'realistic' anyway, right?" even though the soul is YEARNING for full expression through a more creative medium... Cue the regrets, which we’re trying to smother with the distractions of TV, video games, online quizzes, social media, justifications, complaining, excuses, alcohol, drugs, ANYTHING that can numb or deter the emotions which are bound to keep coming up; those of emptiness, disappointment, and unfulfillment.

Undertaking the risk of discarding the "cookie cutter" can be daunting; sometimes, it means doing something which NOBODY has done before (or maybe just nobody that YOU know personally), which can be intimidating!! But you know what's cool about taking risks toward your dreams? You will always recover, 100% of the time, because your Creator has GOT you covered. The way is already prepared, remember? Your soul already KNOWS how to recover from every single challenge and setback you will experience, because it's connected with the one who already has the answers. 

For example; when you slip on the stairs, you automatically grab for a rail and/or adjust your center of balance, because your body is programmed to adapt and survive. It already knows what to do. Your soul is the same way! This doesn't mean that you won't face ANY set-backs, but rather, you'll make it through them effectively when you're following your intuition and trusting your SOUL. You're already programmed for success.  ;)

Some say that "Dreams" do not lie in society's definition of "Responsibility," but I say that it's our legitimate responsibility to follow those dreams. They're in our heart for a reason. 

Because honestly.... WHY would you be given a gift or talent if you COULD NOT make a difference with it? 

You were MEANT to use your gifts!! Think about it. I mean, REALLY think about it. Close your eyes and take a moment away from reading this, so you can reflect on your gifts, and how they can make a positive impact on our world. 

Seriously. I'll wait... *cue some epic reflection music*


(Welcome back!) :D

Your creator is a very LOVING, efficient and magnificent being, and YOU are His child. His creation. He didn’t ACCIDENTALLY give you the talent of working well with children, or creating art, or epic public speaking, or efficiently working with numbers and codes. He didn’t give you your challenges to punish you, but He allowed them to be placed in your life in order show both you AND the world how much He CAN do by helping you to work through and often OVERCOME those obstacles entirely. 

He loves you!!

He’s got your back! He’s calling to your soul! Your soul recognizes Him, and it’s TRYING to respond to the call by reminding you of these dreams, trying to kick you back into your optimal gear!! 

Did you even know that??

If you're depriving the world of your gifts, passions, aspirations, hopes, and DREAMS, it's not too late. Honestly.

Take this as your sign. Your permission. 

Follow your SOUL, because it knows where to go. Throw out those cheap ol' "cookie cutters" if they're not working, because perhaps you're not even meant to be a cookie!! Be the cake, or the pastry, or whatever it is YOU feel called to be!! I can promise you that NOTHING will energize and inspire you more than reconnecting with your TRUE self, and following YOUR path, even if it's not in alignment with what ANYBODY else thinks your path SHOULD be. Please, don't allow other people's limited mortal perceptions deter you from your soul's calling.

Because ultimately? Your journey, your pursuit of your gifts, passions, and DREAMS, should be between YOU and YOUR creator. 


I've got some more writing to do on my own. The dust is settling, and a bit of clarity is coming into light.. 

The way is already prepared. Trust the process.

I’ve got this. Cuz He’s got me.

And He's got you, too.  ;)

Here we go!!!! <3