Day 23 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

Because I am self-centered, can be of service to you and that is what is so great about balancing self and others.

Day 23 of a 30-Day Challenge To Change My Internal Dialogue!

I choose to help others and when I want to do it. Earlier I tried to help everyone all the time. I realized a few years ago that there is no prize to be won from trying too hard at your own expense. When we take the last energy and the last ounce of strength and spend it on others we become ill. 

And I did. I spent all I had on others and what they remember is how ill I was and how I could not give them what they needed. So now I know that I will get rewarded for taking care of myself first. Just like you as a parent is supposed to put the oxygen mask on first in an airplane and then help the children get their masks on. If they need more help you are able to help them if you have the oxygen you need to do it. 

I have realized that there is a great wisdom in being self-centered and doing things in the best way for yourself. When you du, you will be rewarded everywhere for it. Your body, soul and mind will stay healthy and you will be able to be an example to everyone. 

Since I know this to be true, but I feel like I have lived so long just for others and I really need to do so many things differently I will keep working on this until it becomes an absolute truth for me. Changing the internal dialogue takes time. It is because we need to get out of the rut and start out on a whole new untraveled path in the brain.

I can feel myself slipning every now and then and having to pull myself out of the old trench and put one foot in front of the other on the new path. Hopefully I will never dig myself as deep again. I guess I will learn not to by keeping the growth going, learning new things all the time and becoming aware. 

Tomorrow my primary love affair is with the person in the mirror and I will report on that when that day has come to an end!