The Little Black Sheep

The Power of Words

The Little Black Sheep

Coookkkoroooo Kooooo...

The lamb was awake in a flash, up on all fours, and running out the stable doors.

"Good morning, Mr. Rooster, is it morning yet, huh, huh , huh?" he says in one breath.

" Not quite yet, Sheep, sleep summore." Says the wise old Rooster."That was just first call."

"But I'm up,I'm up,I'm up, and I feel like running all the way to the brook,and back." said the lamb and took off so fast, that he didn't even hear Mr. Rooster' second call. While running to the brook, he said hello to the ducks, the chickens, the piglets, the cows, horses, and stopped only when he had reached the water's edge.He said hello to the cheerfully babbling brook, skipping over pebbles, gushing over rocks, on its joyous, merry way. The lamb stopped and smelt the flowers, ate the tender new grass, awash in dew. He rolled on the ground and listened to the songs of the birds flying in the sky. "I wonder what I missed while I was asleep!" he said. starting back towards the farm with a hop, a twist, and a jig.On his way back, he saw the horses and the cows walking out to the field, he said hi to the piglets, the chickens and the ducks, again. He ran back into the barn and rolled right into a bucket with a horrific clatter, a bang and a crash.

"Is that you making a ruckus again?" Bleats Papa Sheep, and then muttered, "Black sheep!"

"Sssshhhh, come back to sleep, trouble-maker, you are such a black sheep." Says Mama Sheep

The little lamb, ground his little hooves into the ground, then his face became heavy, with sadness. He walked back to the bundle of wool, that was his brothers, huddled in the corner. He lay awake, comparing his fur to those of his brothers'. It looked clean to him. He tried very hard to find any black fur on himself, and finally decided that his Papa must see it, even if he couldn't.

 He whispered," Mama, If I wash myself in the brook everyday, will I not be black anymore?'